Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of ....

I am so excited that the wonderful Nester is hosting a 31 days party again. 
Last year, it was 31 days of Pinterest, and although I truly thought about doing the same topic again (I loved it so much the last time!),
 I figured I'd change it up a bit and introduce a new topic!
I took me a while to come up with one, but I finally narrowed it down. 
Drum roll please...

I am blogging an entire month about LOVE!

This could be things I love, people I love, moments I love and so much more.
Basically this month will be an entire hodge-podge of good ol' LOVE.
I know it's not even close to Valentine's Day, but there's no reason why October can't feel a little love, too!

So check back every day in the month of October, and feel the L.O.V.E.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Moments of the Week:Parenthood and I'm Pregnant again?!?!

Well, we made it. 
I'm sure you're aware the date, but I couldn't be happier. 
So, today I'm wrapping up my week!

 1. Target dates all by myself are the best ever.
There's something about taking as long as you want to stroll down any/all of the isles you want. It's so relaxing. For reals. 
Anyways, I really really wanted to buy NS's newest book. But I have a problem. I literally have 40000 books at home that are waiting to be read. I made a vow to read them before buying any new ones. 
So this guy went back on the shelf.
{ I'll wait till it's cheaper on amazon ;) }

 Virtual Child rearing ain't easy folks!
Although, I do realize that I get to choose when I don't want to deal with her and just exit the screen. I don't think you can actually do that with a 'real' child. 
But she's doing really well!
She's advanced in all her gross motor skills, language skills (complete sentences, yo!) and even on cognitive skills. I must be doing something right. ha!
Oh, and in a strange turn of events, when my child was 3 years old I found out that I was pregnant again!
So now I have 2 virtual children. (!!!!!!)

Brothers. Well, actually boys. Wednesday I get a text from my younger brother saying it was his 'girlfriend's' birthday and (I quote) "Can ya help me out?"
*Palm hits forehead*
So, I ran up to the store found some flowers and cupcakes and had her name written on them. 
Oh and a pretty sweet balloon.
Hey, It was the best I could do given that I only had one hour to prepare.


I really wanted to caption this photo
No, I do not want to update to iOS 7. 
Don't you realize that this girl hates change!?!?! 

 You guys, I have been waiting for so. long. 
Last night was so exciting. I was rushing home from work to make it in time to see the series premiere.
and It was nothing short of amazing.
I can't wait till next thursday.
Best quote
"I'm sure you're going to be the best thing that ever happened to me, but right now I really hate you."

Happy Friday, y'all! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Update + October Goals

I'm back for another update on my monthly goals!

September Goals:

1. Keep up with Algebra
I am terrible at math. There's no other way around it. I'm working hard, doing all my homework and quizzes. I got a 66 on my first test, so that kinda stinks. I will definitely be going in for tutoring. 

2. Work on my Migraine Experiment
I can report that it's inconclusive. I don't think they correlate, at least not for me. I exercised and still got headaches. So who knows.

3. Use my planner!!!
I can't live without my planner! With 5 classes but work to keep up with, I have a lot to remember. I love being able to know exactly what I need to complete and when. Like I said, can't survive without it. 

4. Catch up with my Online Shop 
I added lots of new items (lots of jewelry), so that's exciting! I can't wait for fall yard sales to get some great deals!

5. Read More, Watch less TV
Check! I've read two books this month: Lunch in Paris and Sarah's Key.
Lunch in Paris was ok, and I liked Sarah's Key (although I thought it was dumb how they compared a woman's pregnancy drama to the Holocaust. I would've loved it if that aspect of the story was gone and it just focused on the war.) I haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm not sure if I want to :)

My 2013 Bucket List:

-Cut out processed foods-work in progress. Darn oreos!
-buy local produce/go to local farmer's market more-
-volunteer somewhere
-have my first giveaway on my blog-again, work in progress
-figure out my college plan
-save my money up for something big-I doubt if this is going to happen... ha!
-bake a blackberry cobbler from scratch
-eat better and be active- tracking my calories and also started the Couch to 5k program.
-make new friends -work and school! Yay!
-work on my scrapbook
-go on a road trip
-write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
-go camping
-read at least 8 books-  
-teach myself how to sew

and now for....
October Goals:

1. Yard Sales!!!
There's nothing better than a good yard sale! Fall is the perfect time of year for them. There's something about waking up early in the crisp fall air with a cup of coffee, whilst driving around town searching for deals that just makes me so happy. 

2. Stop Procrastinating 
I don't know if I can actually do this, but we will see. 

3. Switch my closet from summer to fall!
bring on the sweaters, boots and coats!

4. Continue on the Couch to 5k
The Color Run is on the 26, and I need to be prepared!

I'll check back in at the end of October and tell ya how I did!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I feel like a failure at this. I know you guys are probably sick of my excuses about WIWW, but here I go again.
It's still so dang hot here. Trust me, I really would like to rip out my jeans and not come out of them until next May, but I physically can't unless I want to die from a heat stroke.
Apparently this week I really liked baseball tees. Oh, for some reason both times they had something on them by accident. Oops. 

(This time it was lint)
Shirt-Forever 21, $9
Skirt-thrifted, h&m, $3
Flats-Sam Edelman via Last Call, $34
Earrings- Everyday Icing, $13
SHould I do a separate post about our halloween decor this year? let me know!

(and this time it was water from emptying the dishwasher)
Shirt-Kohls, $7
Shorts- thrifted, Kohls, $2
Toms-Neimans, $45
Necklace- Etsy, $10
Sunglasses-Kohls, $4

and that's all, folks. Sorry, hopefully next week will be better! *Fingers crossed*

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Beauty Favorites

Here's what I've been loving for the month of September:

1. Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polish in 2% Milk
I got this with a coupon for $1.99 and wasn't expecting much. I was so wrong! This color is very opaque and the perfect neutral polish. It only takes one coat to reach this beautiful pale pink. The brush is wide and only takes one stroke to fill your nail, and it dries very fast. I definitely want to get some more colors and you can't beat that price!

2.Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
I've actually been using this for years, and keep repurchasing it. I've tried countless other moisturizers and I keep going back to this one. I absolutely love it, especially right now because my skin is dry. It's very moisturizing, but doesn't leave any oil on your face. If you put it on before foundation, the foundation will glide on like a breeze!

3. Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo
I've tried almost all of the drugstore dry shampoos, and this one continues to be my favorite. I love the smell and it really soaks up all of the oil in my hair. Sometimes I even use this on clean hair to add a bit more texture to curl, but it doesn't leave my hair so 'chalky' where I can't run my hands through it, like some other ones tend to do (suave).

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hr Blush in Fearless
I got this blush off Hautelook recently and I've been wearing it ever since. It's greatly pigmented and flatters my skin tone nicely. I love blush and this has been my go-to shade this past month.

5. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus
I've been wearing this a lot recently on campus when I want a more natural lip color. It's very sheer, but still provides just a hint of color to my lips. It's perfect for those days when I just want a no-fuss makeup look.

Monday, September 23, 2013

September Ipsy Bag

Sign up for Ipsy here!

I actually loved this weeks bag! I love blue and I love lace, so it was right up my alley. 
Not in the bag was a sample of EM makeup's new life pallete. It said you couldn't use the samples on your face, but to use them to swatch the products. I was so-so about them, and for $75, I'll pass. 

Let's move onto the fun stuff!
Initially, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get the Butter London nail polish, but I got over it ;)

What they say:After a long day, the skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are the perfect solution. The eye patches are easy to apply to the delicate skin under your eyes to reduce wrinkles, restore the tone and firmness, and fight free radicals to prevent premature aging.

Free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and synthetic dye. 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and allergy-tested. 

What I say: I haven't tried these yet, I am waiting until I have puffy eyes. I generally don't struggle with that, but I'm intrigued to see if they actually work!

What they say:An ipsy exclusive launch! This mascara was created using a unique formula that delivers BIG volume and lengthens and curls your lashes without smudging! The hourglass brush ensures that you get the right amount of mascara applied to each lash. Use the It's So Big Volumizing Mascara with the Lash Card and watch your lashes grow bigger with each layer! 
What I say: It's really NOT so big. This was a big stinker. It was so stringy and provided no volume. I trashed it. If you want a good laugh and an honest review of this mascara, watch this (it's at the very end). I was crackin' up after! Hehehe "WHY YOU GOTTA LIE". Watch it. 

What they say:This ultra matte, super-moisturizing lip balm delivers rich color and amazing staying power. This amazing lip balm is formulated with 3D Smart Film Former, which keeps colors vibrant longer. Includes a built-in brush for easy application. Wear alone or apply with the Cailyn Pearly Shimmer Balm for a more glamorous, shimmery pout. Available in 18 shades. 

Glam Bag subscribers who receive this product will receive the Big Apple shade.

What I say: I like this!  I expected it to me a moisturizing/shiny product, but it truly is matte.  It's a bit drying to me, but I used a chapstick before applying it, though, and I was good to go! I hate hate hate the packaging however. It's so bulky and takes up way too much space. They should've put it in a tube like a traditional chapstick/lip balm and I'd love it 100X more. (They should've consulted me first, hehe!) Oh, and I love the color. It's a great red!

What they say:The NYX Single Eyeshadow packs a punch of color and is incredibly easy to blend. Go edgy or understated effortlessly, and enjoy the luscious, long-wearing color from sunrise to sunset...and beyond! 
What I say: I don't like this and I think it's mainly because I got a really ugly color. I don't know anyone who wears bright yellow (it's brighter in person than in the pic) eye shadow. I'm more of a natural girl. It has OK pigmentation, not great, but it's super chalky. You can sorta see that in the picture and it leaves so much fall out. Thumbs down for me. 

What they say:The Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil glide across delicate lids without pulling. Try using this creamy liner to create a smoky eye or use it as a base for eyeshadows on your entire lid. Available in 11 stunning and super saturated shades!
What I say: I didn't like this. It's a very 'hard' pencil compared to other eyeliners that are so smooth and go on almost like a gel (Urban decay, Rimmel). It actually hurt my eye to apply this and the pencil itself felt very cheap (for $12!!!). I will say that it has great staying power and lasted all day. 

Here's a swatch of all the products:

Overall, not my favorite month, but that's ok! You win some and you lose some. What else can you expect when you don't get to chose what you're getting. That's just the breaks of the game! And just because I don't personally like something doesn't mean it's a bad product, it just didn't work for me. Maybe it will for you!

Sign up for Ipsy here!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Moments of the Week: Oreos and Legos

 Whew. This week just.trudged.on....Was I the only one who thought it was never ending??
For some reason, it seems like the more busy I am, the slower the week seems. 
I, for one, am just so darn happy that its friday!!
Here's a recap of my week:

1. I started the couch to 5k program this monday because my family's doing a 5k (color run) in october. I swear to you that first run was horrific. I wanted to quit each and every time I had to start jogging again and by the end I was out of breath and 'dying'. It didn't help that I did it at 1 o'clock in the afternoon in 100* weather. No, I won't be making that mistake again.
It reminded me how out of shape I am, and kinda motivated me to want to conquer it! 
I am excited to keep at it this upcoming week! 

^ that's a dog (ours to be exact)
Oh, this boy. He's such a grouch but then there are these brief moments where he's such a nice pup and I kinda like him. Then, the moments over too soon and he's off to being a butt face again. 

3. I'm getting placed this upcoming week at an elementary school! I am so excited!
I'm taking a teaching class that requires 16 hours of observation, which basically means that I go sit in on a real classroom at a real school and observe. I am really excited about it because it finally feels like this whole 'teaching' thing is becoming real. I should find out what elementary/middle school I get placed at and what teacher/grade I will be observing. I can't wait!

 These rotten things are the devil. I swear. I was actually happy when they were all gone, because I knew I'd stop eating them.
My mom bought them for my brother and I literally lost all self control, and basically blew my week's workouts. DARN you, OREO and sorry Addy for eating your Oreos!
Side note: Is it weird that I would never ever eat a regular 'white' Oreo, but the orange halloween ones I can demolish in 10 seconds flat? 

Today (thursday, I write these the day before) I had a very eventful evening at work. 
I walk into a classroom filled with just potty trained preschoolers and it was just short of pure chaos. 
Picture a billion legos thrown across the room, kids standing on tables, kids throwing a tantrums on the floor and others pulling the entire roll of toilet paper all around the room. My poor co-worker was completely at a loss. Believe it or not, this is what I do best, restoring order. I thrive in it. Within 5 minutes I had all the toys and toilet paper cleaned up and all of the kids sitting at the table (instead of on top of it) getting ready for snack and a movie. Ahhh... It was like we could take a big, deep breath. 
But not for long. 
I went to take a inconsolable little girl who really missed her mommy on a walk and when we returned, there was a kiddo who thought it would be fun to play in a puddle of one's own urine.  
The chaos had returned. 
So anyways, I'm trying to clean up the kid who was playing in her puddle, when I noticed another sweet one waiting so patiently for the bathroom. I look in the bathroom to see if it was open and inside is another little boy in there who "lost control"(if you know what I mean) and pee was everywhere. I mean on the walls, the floor the toilet seat, everywhere. 
So I quickly sorta get him taken care of and send him out the door to get the other kiddo who really had to go to actually go. Well... too late. She went. 
Yep. There was a total of 3 accidents I had to clean up. 

But you know what? I loved it, every second of it. I really do love my job and I love the chaos. And I say that genuinely, I really do.
It leaves me exhausted but my cup is so full afterwards and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Slowly but surely I'm getting back into the swing of things. 
I've been in a bit of a fashion rut because I am so sick of wearing shorts, but its too hot to wear anything but shorts. I also have less time than I did before to get ready in the morning, so it makes it harder to really put thought into my outfits. I just throw on whatever's closest. These two were both of those things: quick and cool.

dress: Elle/Kohls via Goodwill $3.50
shoes: Goodwill $4.00
earrings: souvenir from France
glasses: Rayban $40

 top: old navy via goodwill $1.50
shorts: GAP via Gw $2
flats: Antonio Milani via Gw $5.00
earrings: target $8

Linking up here:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Darker

I typically have always been blonde (except one time when I decided to dye my hair dark dark brown and it was the biggest mistake of my life.. OK not that big, but still).
I normally only get my hair highlighted about twice a year and cut about 4 times a year. I'm weird, I know. My hair just doesn't need it as much because typically the sun will lighten it and I don't really struggle with damaged hair. 

Anyways, that's all to say that I need to go get my hair highlighted and I was thinking of adding more of my natural color in. (I have a light brown natural color, I describe it as squirrel colored). Nothing too stark, just a gradual darkish color. (No, not ombre)
Of course the first place I look for inspiration is Pinterest which really tempts me to want a change for fall!

What do you think? Should I go darker?

Monday, September 16, 2013

I give up...

I've put it off as long as I could but I will officially say I am ready for fall.
I am sick of wearing shorts.
I am sick of 90* weather.
I am sick of summer. 

I am ready for boots and pumpkin and crisp fall air.

Oh, and of course pie!

and maybe the fact that jeans can hide a whole lot ;)

I'm ready for Hocus Pocus and Charlie Brown.

but most definitely not football.... Yuck.
(feel free to hate me now)

I am ready for it. 
Fall is my most favorite season of all.

Forgive me for not adding sources to the pictures... I saved them a while ago and forgot to post the original source... they all came from pinterest, though!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Moments of the Week+ Car troubles again?!?! and Graduation!

Y'all. I have been a terrible blogger. Pleeeeeease forgive me :)
My life has been a teensy bit crazy the last 4 days. This whole '16 hour class schedule' thing is kicking my butt. I seriously don't know how people with full time jobs do it! {My mom told me that she took 18 hours a week, plus a full time job, plus three kids!}
I am worn out. Between three tests, a lab assessment and a paper due, plus work starting this week, I haven't exhaled in the last 5 days. 
So that's my excuse for being MIA, like I said, forgive me! I plan on writing several posts this weekend to spread out through the week. 

Anyways,  ( I feel like that was a long tangent to go off on...)
Moments of the week:

This past weekend my family and I got out all our fall decorations {we like to celebrate early ;) } and we made a new wreath (we never got around to it last year. I think it looks fabulous, especially seeing that the majority of what we used to decorate it came from the Dollar Tree. I think it cost less than $10 to make!

Like I said, I had a math test this week. I really really suck at math, and it's been over 4 years since I've had a proper 'math' class. I was so lost and I was extremely nervous that I'd fail the test. But I studied my little arse off and finally felt prepared for it!
Oh, I feel the need to post this picture since we were doing quadratic equations:

Picture this: I wake up extra early for my 8am Algebra test, quickly get ready and study for the rest of the time before I had to leave to get to class. I live about 5 minutes from my school, so I leave at 7:45 to get there a bit before to cram a bit before the test. So here I am, running out the door at exactly 7:45 with my calculator and two perfectly sharpened #2 pencils in my hand. I hop in my car and turn the ignition over....and nothing. No bueno. So I try again and the same: nothing. Despite having a mini anxiety attack I try and troubleshoot the problem,
 keys in ignition-check
car in park-check
lights off------oh. 
I left the dang parking lights on from the stupid night before. 
So I completely break into a full-on panic attack. I can't breathe and I burst into tears. I'm freaking out thinking I am going to completely fail math because I missed the FIRST test, which means I won't graduate in December which basically means I will be a failure for the rest of my life (or so I thought in the moment)
I called my mom, no answer. By then, my heart is throbbing out of my chest and I completely lose it.
Finally after 20 missed calls, she finally answers and she turns around from her way to work to come drop me off.
It was now 7:51. 
I was screwed. There was no way I was going to make it by 8 and my professor locks the door right at 8 so no late people can get in. 
So I move on to my next solution. Riding my bike... but I had no bike lock and couldn't get there in less than 8 minutes (it was now 7:53)
So I went inside and emailed my professor explaining everything and called AAA to come rescue me. But then I realized that 'car troubles' is the new 'dog ate my homework' excuse. (I have to admit that I've overslept a few times and used that very excuse in high school). But this time it was for real!! I was the girl who cried car troubles.
Anyways, he emailed back and I took the test this morning. (the test was supposed to be yesterday)
But then he wanted proof that AAA really did come out to jump my car. 
 I grabbed the receipt from the battery test (The only sort of proof the AAA guy could give me) and highlighted the date and time so I could scan it to him.
Well, when I highlighted it, it smeared the date off!!! 
At this point I'm like "SERIOUSLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?@$#U%!@#$%^&*" Story of my life. 
So pray that he will except it, ok? Thanks in advance ;)
and I swear I'm not making this up. I

Whew, that was a long story. 
Where were we?
Oh yes.


Today was a big day. BIG.
Today I officially applied for graduation! (with a 4.0 GPA nonetheless and despite the drama from the day before)
I am so proud of myself. I've worked hard and fought through blood sweat and tears to be where I am today.  I really feel like I've earned this. 
I am so excited for the next chapter in my life. I'm nervous about the change, but I know it will be worth it.
Next stop Bachelor's and then Master's!

Happy Friday y'all!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up-New Car and Sunsets

I totally forgot last friday to post my weekly wrap up! oops. 
I figured I'd make it up by posting it on monday instead :)

 Remember how I told you that my mom ran a rental car out a gas?
Well, we had a rental car because our beloved fiesta was having severe transmission issues. We were so sad, but it was time to replace it. I know it sounds weird but that car was a part of our family! It was the first time my mom was able to buy a car with cash, and it totally was 'her' car. She named it the island girl and I swear to you it became her signature. We drove it to Georgia and Florida, we somehow hauled a 500lbs fountain in the back, all our yard sale finds would be shoved in it's little trunk, and even though the keys got locked inside it all the time and it hardly fit what we really needed to, we loved it. It was our car, you know? 
So anyway, last saturday we traded it in and got a bigger SUV (you can see it behind the top right of the red car next to the tent) that can certainly hold any garage sale find we need it to hold, and before we said goodbye, I had to grab my mom's picture in front of it. We will miss you, little hot tamale island girl!
(yes, my mom is wearing a duck dynasty shirt)

 I finally caved and bought my first 'fall' item of the season. I love Bath and Body Works candles. They rock and these scents are my favorite!

 We took our new car out for a drive one night and we got to watch the most breathtaking sunset over Lake Grapevine. Texas seriously has the most beautiful sunsets. This picture doesn't do it justice. 
We also got sno-cones at my favorite place (strawberry colada is the bomb)


Last weekend a couple of my friends from high school met up before they go off to college. It was fun! We went to our favorite place to eat, drove around our town like dorks and then went swimming. It kinda made me miss that time in my life, but at the same time, it made me realize that I'm so much different than I was back then. A part of me wants to go back to that time, but this stupid thing called time is constantly pulling us to move forward regardless of what we want. That sounds kinda silly and cliche as I type it, but it's true.  

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Childhood cancer is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. (if you've been reading my story posts, you kinda know why). Anyways, a while ago, I signed a petition to light the White House gold for childhood cancer month since they do the same for breast cancer. I was so angry when I got an email saying they wouldn't do it. I was heartbroken...especially when I read this post, I was enraged. Seriously... thanks for nothing white house!
Did you know that childhood cancer is the LEAST funded out of all the cancer foundations?
That's so heartbreaking to me. We should be fighting for these kids who are basically getting murdered! 
Okay, I'm done. But I just want to say, please please please help anyway you can. Even just good thoughts and prayers for all of those poor kids can help. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chapter Two: Finally, An Answer

*If you haven't read chapter one, read it here:


After the residual shock wore off, I asked the only question that my brain could muster up:
"So what's the worst thing that can me I mean?" I needed to get straight to the point.


"Mom,  tell me."

She looked down and I saw a faint trace of fear cross her face. She spoke softly "Amber, I mean, we won't know for sure until we get our appointment with the neurosurgeon, but the doctors think the tumor on your pituitary gland is pushing on your optical nerves...which means you could go blind....or....."

"Or what? MOM! OR WHAT?" My voice came out louder than I intended.

But the thing is, I already knew the answer to the question. It was an unspoken understanding.

And you know, the crazy thing is, in that moment, I didn't feel fear. I was relieved.

 Finally, I had an answer.

I wouldn't have to be a science experiment anymore... I had an answer.
 Even though I had a brain tumor, at least it was an answer.

After I felt somewhat satisfied with their (non) answers to my several other questions, there was again that ever-present, stuffy pause.

It was terrible. No one said a word. We were all so clueless. Truthfully, there wasn't much to be said. It was a simple fact. I had a brain tumor. I could die. There were no spoken words that would change it.

 I remember we prayed.
We prayed in the middle of my principal's office.
I don't exactly remember why we prayed or what was said, but I had to fight back tears. They burned in the back of my throat.
The thing is though, I didn't know if I actually believed it... the prayer I mean.
Except, it was all I had. Since prayers were the only thing in that moment that made sense.
 Nothing really did make sense.

I couldn't stand to be in that room any longer. I'm not sure how much time had passed since I was taken out of class, but I wanted to leave. My mom told me that the principal had given us the O.K. to take me out of classes for the day. I told them no, I wanted to stay in school. I needed to hold onto some sort of normal. I could tell this confused my grandmother. She was unsure about my reaction. Obviously, she was upset, but she was being cautious. She was waiting to see how I'd react, and I think she expected me to be upset too. I couldn't though. I had to pretend I was okay. My mom was standing there, trying to be strong, like she normally was, but I could see through her. She was scared. She was like me; trying to be strong, even though we were both scared to death. Literally.

After their several attempts to persuade me to leave, they finally gave up and hugged me goodbye.
They told the principal what I wanted to do, then hugged me again (something I'd have to get used to in the coming days). After I watched them walk to their car, I went and checked my blotchy face in the mirror hanging on the wall in the dull office. I wiped my snotty nose, grabbed my bag and opened the door. As I walked out of the office, it was like I could instantly breathe again. It was like my body was responding saying "Ahhh, yes. Back to normal." Well, except that my head was pounding, throbbing really. I wanted to scream "F YOU BRAIN! NO REALLY! RUB IT IN!!!" but I digressed.

I noticed that no one was in their classrooms and after looking at the clock in the hallway, I concluded that it must be lunchtime.
 Although to me, time was irrelevant. Time just stood still.

 I walked in the direction of the cafeteria when I saw *Kate, my best friend, waiting for me with a quizzical look across her face. She saw me, and grabbed my hand and dragged me into the nearest bathroom.
As she pulled me into it, she checked to make sure no one else was there. Once she was satisfied that we were in fact alone, she sort of whispered curiously
"Amber, what's going on? "
before I could even muster up a response, she asked again, this time adding "Why was your mom here? Isn't she supposed to be in Canada?" She was always looking for information, drama if you will.
 I tried hard to answer her but my brain was mush. I couldn't speak.
(what I really wanted to say was "I have a fricken brain tumor and I could die. DIE!")
 but I literally couldn't find words those words in my head.

The only thing I could do was laugh.

So I did, I laughed.

I broke out in hysterics, in fact. I was laughing harder than I had ever laughed before.

So much so, I fell to the ground with my hand over my belly (which was burning because of my laughter.)

Kate was confused, but my laughter was infectious. It was so contagious that she broke out in laughter too.

So there we were, sitting on the floor of our schools bathroom, laughing our asses off.

*Names have been changed for their privacy*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

$5 Chair Transformation

Are you guys prepared for some serious transformation!?!?

My grandma is a jack-of-all-trades. For real. 
When she showed me the chair she bought during her stay here in Texas, I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical. 
I thought she wasted $5 on an ugly chair that just might be stuck in the 80's. 

But little did I know, she had big plans. 

I so wish I had taken a before picture before we primed it, but you get the general idea. 

Whilst I was up visiting for the summer, we went on a search for new fabric. Believe it or not, we found the perfect match at the Longest Yard Sale from (who we believe) was a retired interior decorator.  It was really good quality upholstery fabric and we scored over 5 yards for $5. Can't beat that!

The first thing we did was prime it using a spray paint primer. The wood was pretty dark and we didn't want to sand either, so priming was a must. We didn't bother covering the original fabric because it was just going to be recovered anyway. Next we painted it a buttery cream color, and this really changed the entire chair!  We then roughed up the edges with sandpaper to "un-perfect" it if you will. Our goal was to make it as shabby chic as possible. 

After the paint dried, we broke out the staple gun and began stapling!  We weren't concerned about the staples showing because we knew we were going to put a trim to cover them. 
Covering the back was the most challenging part, but once we finished, it already looked 1000X better.

Next was the trim! We found the perfect trim at an auction house for $1 a yard. It matched the fabric perfectly. 

All we did was hot glue the trim to the edges and we were done!

Here is the final product:
Isn't it gorgeous! I just love the houndstooth and the pale green. It's so quaint and it fits in perfectly with her decor!
I'd have to say that that is the best looking $5 chair I've ever seen.

Just to remind you... Here was the before/after:
Drool worthy right!?!?!

{and aren't you lusting after that suitcase side table in the after picture? See, I don't lie when I say she's a jack-of-all-trades!}