Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up with Lindsey@the pleated poppy for another week of What I wore Wednesday!

What I wore:
Striped tank- garage sale for $1
(I didnt get a picture but the back is super cute its open with a cream color...very flowy! and also comfy!)
Shorts-LC for Khols Via consigned
sandals-Old navy
Necklace- Lisa Leonard
Petal Pusher-The Pleated Poppy

What I did Wearing it:
errands and thrifting!

What I wore:
Gap tee- goodwill
seersucker skirt- also goodwill
thrifted necklace and shoes
(side note: I only realized how patriotic I was after I realized that it was memorial day. I so didnt mean to do that! ha!)

What I did wearing it:
family time!

What I wore:
Old navy cardi- consigned
goodwill dress
old navy sandals
again, Lisa Leonard necklace
pearl earrings-not a clue??

What I did wearing it:
entice my pup to interrupt my pictures ;)
run around town with my grandma!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I feel the need to break into song, but I will restrain for your sake. 
You see, I couldnt be happier that it is Friday, which means the weekend is here.
No plans, just happy to have my family home :)
linking up with Jeannett for InstaFriday!
it's a lot today, mainly because I've combined two weeks worth of pictures!

It was my last night babysitting yesterday. It was sad. (I am leaving for the summer)
I will definitely miss this funny, stubborn, amazingly adorable smile. 

and this one too. He just started loving to color. So that is just what we did. Color. 
and laugh, and wipe a few tears. 

I attempted to be an overachiever with my coloring skills, but failed miserably. 
I promptly ripped it up and buried it.

I also got lots of snuggle time with their doggie. I love him too.

got my new summer bag from The Pleated Poppy and am so in love!
I even got a new wallet to match!

a while ago my family and I went to a B'not mitzvah. It was our first time, and we really enjoyed it!
It was really interesting learning all of the culture!
anyways, we took this at the reception
me, my mom, and future sister-in-law

my mouth is watering. I love fresh, crunchy, sea-salty asparagus.
so good. and so healthy.

this has been my world the past few days. 
boxes an boxes and boxes
and yes more boxes
not fun at all.

I self medicated with cookies. Only the best of course: peanut butter blossoms!

I also found out that I actually "like" coffee. Well sorta, only when hot chocolate is mixed in with it. 
I believe the fancy term is a Mocha.
it is so yum!
and freshly baked strawberry banana bread is pretty great too!

and lastly, my weirdo dog. I heard noises upstairs one afternoon and went to investigate. I couldnt figure out what it was until I opened my shower curtain and see my dog. crazy. He likes to play under my leaky faucet for some weird reason. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodwill hunting- sparkles!

It has been a while since I have done this, so I thought I'd share with you a small haul from goodwill yesterday. I went with my grandma (we had to take a break from packing) and didnt find much. On our way out I spotted two sparkley gems!

These heels I found match a dress I bought for my brother's rehearsal dinner perfectly. I was hesistant to buy them because $4.99 seems a bit "steep" for shoes.
 Am I going crazy? 
Since when did $5 become expensive for nice shoes?
I ended up buying them on a whim and am glad I did. 
Plus they are neutral enough to wear with anything. 
can you tell I am trying to justify my purchase?

I love the touch of sparkle they add, but also are very comfortable.
I plan on getting a lot of use out of them!
 In case you were wondering the label says "Nicole." Never heard of it, but love the shoes!

Then I found this beauty:

There is no secret that I love fossil, just not the hefty price tags.
 I saw the wallet while waiting in the longest (why do they only have 1!!!! cashier???)  line. 
I instantly saw the sparkles at the bottom of the bin and knew I had to have it. (the glitter is much more vivid in person (thanks crappy cell pics!)
I normally always inspect the fossil items from GW
(Goodwill buys the damaged or really old products from fossil to resale) because most of them are damaged beyond use and normally not worth the prices. I did my careful look-over and nothing seemed wrong! No stains, rips, broken zippers, nothing! 
It was mine!
I cant complain about all the awesome storage either!

$5.00 for a brand new fossil wallet--I'd say that is a heck of a deal! 
plus it is super cute!
and sparkley!
I love sparkles

and Goodwill.

absolutely love.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Where to begin? This week has put me in a fashion rut. For starters, We are moving, which means I am spending my days packing and packing and yes, more packing. So generally, I wake up, roll out of bed, and begin packing. I found myself in PJ's at 5:00 in the afternoon. This isnt because I dont want to get dressed, but rather, I just havent had time!
However, I did manage to take a couple pictures to share with you!
Linking up at the The Pleated Poppy!

I am trying to figure out how to dress for Texas heat! It has been on average, like 90 degrees, so shorts are all I can handle!

What I wore:
Old Navy Polka Dot Top: Here (I got mine on clearance for 5.99)
Old Navy shorts via goodwill
thrifted sandals (Actually old recycled rice bags!!)
Necklace- trip to Paris
Butterfly earrings-?? probably target

What I did wearing it:
Pack, oh and pack!
but I did manage to get some errands done!

100% thrifted!!!
minus the shoes which were only 7.50!
What I wore:
Thrifted Banana Republic denim top
 Thrifted loft white tank
thrifted white shorts (old navy I think!)
American eagle via goodwill belt
F21 sandals

So how did I do making shorts "fashionable"?
Im thinking I have a lot of work to do!

Have a great week y'all!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I love/ Hello Monday

Monday has come again (seems like a regular occurrence huh? ;D ) I'm linking up with Lisa for some Hellos for my week and also to share some pictures I love :)

Hello Monday
Hello packing (we got an offer on our house, but it is pretty much sold!)
Hello Grandparents staying with much fun!
Hello errands, I have way to many!

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Hello purging items for our yard sale
Hello thrifting with my "nana" (Our favorite pastime)
Hello laundry...oh it's a losing battle

                                                                                     Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Hello prepping for our family photo shoot (any ideas for outfits? not matching but coordinating)
Hello dress shopping for my brother's wedding

                                                               Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Hello pancakes and yum!
Hello finding new outfit combos in my closet (best feeling ever!)
and Hello week! I am ready!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ahh Haa Moments

Yes, I am aware that it is friday and I should be linking up over at liferearranged for InstaFriday, but to be honest, I have about 3 pictures from this week. So I figured I would save them for next week and share with you the things that give me those "man I shouldve thought of that!!!" moments.
Oh pinterest, how I love thee!

Anyways, here are some from my Problem Solving Ideas board on Pinterest. (by the way, have you followed me yet?? look ----> over there! See the button?)

So lets get started:

Yep. Pretty awesome idea (the picture explains itself)

This is also pretty sweet. Basically they took an old VHS cover, put a picture through the slit, and nailed it in the wall to hide valuables. So. darn. smart.

Ugh, How many times have you broken nails to try to add a new key??? This is the perfect solution. They took a stapler remover and used it to open the ring. So clever!

For travel, add saran wrap to the inside of bottles to avoid leaks. (and no more wasted shampoo because it exploded all over your clothes!)

For those annoying pictures that require two nails, add masking tape to measure the distance. Then just apply the tape to the wall and level. No more 50 unneeded holes!

Hope you enjoyed all those lightbulb moments! Youre welcome! 

Happy Friday y'all!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Linking up with Lindsey for another week of what I wore wednesday!
It was a busy week for me outfit-wise because we had lots of parties to attend. I loved getting to wear the "fancier" clothes in my closet :)

What I wore: 
Jcrew thrifted dress
old navy tank and flippers
other blue flower pin from Hobby Lobby (clearance for $1!!!)

Side note: I normally wouldnt wear the flip flops with this dress, but since I was just at home and didnt feel like putting "Nicer" shoes on just for a picture, I thought I'd keep it real and show you what I actually wore. (Which is what I always do here anyway!) 

What I did while wearing it:
around the house: cleaning, relaxing, crafting (enjoying my SUMMER!!! break!)

What I wore:
Peplum blouse and belt- new from TJMAXX
Target skirt on crazy clearance for like $5
macy's red flats

What I did while wearing it:
Went to a B'not Mitzvah
(My first time ever and it was so interesting! and long... like 3 hours!)

What I wore:
Goodwill (no tag) lace top
old navy tank
Loft (via Goodwill) trouser jeans
Loft (from none other than goodwill) wedges
consigned owl necklace
charming charlie earrings
gifted betsy johnson clutch

What I did while wearing it:
went to the b'not mitzvah reception! Also so much fun! I also got so many compliments on my top (I was so nervous that I looked like an old lady!)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Friday, May 11, 2012


First friday of summer! I am beyond excited!
Kicking off the season with my cell pictures for the week!

Keeping with our tradition and doing our sunday family bike rides! This time, our pup, kipper, went along for the ride.
so fun!

I was so inspired that I even rode again later in the week. Loving this spring weather, while it lasts for all of 4 hours.

I refreshed after with a passion tea. So yummy and for only a dollar something and the fact that it has zero calories, I am in love!

Letting this kiddo fake drive is the funniest thing ever. Except for when I get in the car after I leave and my wipers go crazy and every single light is on in my car. Ya, fun times. 

just a random shot of me. yes, still hate my hair. Still regret ever stepping into the salon. boooo!

let me tell you that this is the best meal ever. It would have been better if I had fresh basil, but its still pretty great. hint water is the bomb. (cant believe I just used that phrase.)

Oh sleepy doggies. Arent they adorable. This little guy was sound asleep and having wild dreams. He kept barking and yelping....hehe so cute

thats all! Slim pickins' this week, so sorry!

Happy Friday!