Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days of LOVE Finale, Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween friends!
Today marks the last day of my 31 days of LOVE series! I'm sad it's over, but kinda relived! It's takes a  lot of creativity to come up with 31 posts in a row! 
I want to celebrate my last post by saying one last LOVE of mine.


Seriously! I am so thankful to have such wonderful readers and friends.
 You guys are the one's who encourage me every single day and make all of this worth it. 
So for real, thank you. 
Thanks for making this so awesome. 

I hope you all have a fantastic halloween! I know I'll be celebrating by watching Hocus Pocus and overdosing on candy. 

Happy Boo to you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIWW Boots, Finally! 31 Days of LOVE

Howdy! If your new to this neck of the woods, I started documenting my outfits in hopes it would encourage me to get out of my college-girl uniform: yoga pants and t-shirts. So far, so good!

Here's what I wore this week. 
Oh, just for clarification, I do, in fact, get dressed on days I don't share here. I just typically forget to take pictures!

No, don't shield your eyes from my legs, they are white tights, not untanned legs.
I wore this student teaching.
Dress: Franchescas, Gift
Tights: Brand new from Goodwill
Shoes: Target
Watch: Target
Necklace: Made by me
Earrings: Fossil
See! I don't lie! They ARE tights. 
that also may be hiding my super white legs, shh! Don't tell.

Now I realize you're probably thinking "HOLD UP sista, you just said you do this to get OUT of yoga pants, and here you are in said yoga pants." and girl, I getcha. 
But, a time comes in a young girl's life where you have to disobey the rules. and when the Color Rad run comes to town, you do. 
Also note: I did my first 5K.
Oh wait? I didn't tell you about that? Coming soon, I swear!
I don't think you really would want to replicate this stunning ensemble, but in case, everything is from target. Except the shoes.  Those are from Kohls. Oh, and the wonderful rainbow of colors splattered all over me was provided via the run. 

I got this outfit idea from this pin:
It looked like the perfect LBD outfit and was dressy enough to wear to teach!
Here's my take
I was pleased that I had actually everything I needed to replicate this look! Minus the belt, they annoy me. 
Dress: Old Navy via yard sale
Polka dot Tights: Brand new from Goodwill (if that grosses you out sorry...but, they were still in their original packaging! Which were donated by Target stores by the way.)
Boots: Frye via Last Call
I am so happy I can finally start wearing these boots. I just love them. They make me happy. 

Scarf: souvenir from Paris
Watch: Target
Earrings: Target 

I got this outfit inspiration from none other than The Pleated Poppy!
I thought it was perfect for a casual, but put together look!

I wish I was half as pretty (and thin!) as her, but here's my take:
Jacket: LOFT via Goodwill
Jeans: LOFT
Shoes: Toms 

and that's it for this week but I honestly can't wait for next week. Here's why. 
I'm starting a new outfit challenge for the month of November. Drumroll......
Every wednesday, I'm going to share some outfits that I wore that came straight from Pinterest. I love getting fashion inspiration there and I always seem to pin them and never actually do anything with it. Hopefully by making this challenge I will finally start using those pins! The posts will be like what I did above: I'll share the inspiration picture and then show you my spin/take. 
 I can't wait!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beauty Gurus I LOVE, 31 Days of LOVE

About two years ago, I stumbled across a section of youtube I had never heard of before. I thought Youtube was just for viral hilarious clips (Hello Charlie Bit Me and Screaming goat!) and for music videos. Boy was I wrong. 
I stumbled across the beauty gurus, and it's completely changed me.
Watching these 'gurus' do their make up really taught me everything I know about makeup. 
People will ask me "How'd you get that perfect winged liner" or "How does your skin look so flawless" and my reply is always youtube. 
Today I thought I'd enlighten you to a few of my favorite girls to watch! Maybe you too will learn a few things!
Oh and a couple of these gals I've mentioned in this post about their blogs.

{Just click on their name and it will bring you to their page}

She's by far my favorite youtuber. Not only is she super talented at makeup (she should totally be a makeup artist) but I always look for her reviews first before buying products. She will always give you her honest opinion on a product. 

Not only is her accent completely adorable, she really knows makeup. This girl For real! I believe she was a free lance MUA  but now just does youtube.
I love her Friday's Favorites and a possible poo whew!, her tutorials are the bomb and I trust her opinion on products as well.
Plus, us southerners gotta stick together!

You guys. She is freakin' hilarious. and drop dead gorgeous. Quite a combo, huh! 
I love her random videos and also her makeup tutorials. Plus, I can guarantee that I will laugh every single video. Oh, and she lives in Texas. So I automatically like her. :)

I am addicted to her videos! She seems like such a sweet person in real life and I have to admit, I am totally jealous of her hair! It always looks so pretty and her makeup is always flawless and natural.  I love her feminine style. 

5. Zoella
I just love her. She's british and just plain adorable. I like her style in both clothes, makeup and decor. She doesn't post a lot of beauty videos, but when she does, they rock. 

and there are a bunch more I'm forgetting and I didn't even include my favorite vloggers! 
Definitely check them out if you haven't and tell me which ones you love!

Monday, October 28, 2013

October Ipsy Bag, 31 Days of LOVE

I have to admit, I get excited every time that pink package comes in my mail.
Overall, I really do love ipsy. I find that there is a great quality and size of product that other subscription services lack. And even though there might be a few dud products for me, I can always find someone to give them to who will really enjoy them.
To sign up for ipsy, click here. I highly recommend it!
Here's what my October bag looked like:
I was really impressed overall this month! I saw a great variety in products, all good!

Plus can I just say that the actual bag this month was adorable.

Anyways, here's a run-down of what I got.

What they say:
The Sexy Hair Blow Gel is an alcohol-free gel that thickens hair while adding volume. It also helps retain moisture so your hair never feels dry. Delivers a light to medium hold.

To use:
Apply to damp hair from roots to ends and blow dry to expand volume.

What I say: I actually never blow dry my hair (shocker, I know) because I shower at night. But I gave this to a friend to try and she liked it. She said the volume was ok, but that it really helped the process go much faster. 

(swatch with one coat)
What they say: Part of the Fall 2013 CASHMERES & SATINS Collection, these shades are created to work together with this season's most stylish runway designs and luxurious fabric blends. These ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). 

ipsy subscribers will receive Neve, Giovanna, or Mason. 

What I say:
If you've been reading these posts for a while now, you'll know that I love Zoya's polishes! They're really pigmented, dry fast and last a while. I like the shade I received, it will be perfect for winter! I'm definitely building my collection. 

What they say:
Part of the Fergie Centerstage Collection, the Wet n Wild Photo Op Eyeshadow is a palette containing ultra-pigmented, intense shades that are silky-smooth and longwearing. This palette contains translucent highlights, subtle mattes, and shimmering glitters

What I say: Overall, I think this is a good drugstore palette. The pigmentation is really good on some and just ok on other shades. For the price I think it's a good option. 
Below is a swatch of the shades with no primer.
For some reason, this picture makes my arm look weird and disgusting, sorry!

What they say:
The La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes gently cleanses and detoxifies skin. Contains pineapple, vitamin E, cucumber, marshmallow, oat, aloe and chamomile extracts. These wipes are biodegradable, compostable and are packaged using clean, renewal solar energy. Paraben-free. 

What I say:
These smell great and are really refreshing. I don't think they are strong/wet enough to remove eye-makeup, but they are great when you just need a little refresh. 
I'm keeping these in my purse!

and the last thing couldn't fit inside the bag...

What they say:
The Coastal Scents Shadow Brush is a medium sized brush made out of natural fibers that is wide in shape and condensed to allow an even distribution of eyeshadow on the lid. This professional cosmetic brush can be used for shading the crease and highlighting the brow bone with complete precision.

What I say: I'm slowly building up my brush collection, so I was really pleased to see this!
It is really great quality. The bristles are smooth and soft and don't seem to fall off easily. This brush is perfect for really packing on the shadow. I'd definitely be interested in buying more!

That's it! I really feel like I got a lot for my money (just $10!) this month. 
Again, if you want to sign up for ipsy,  click here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pictures I Love, 31 Day of LOVE

Are you an e-reader fan, or a plain ol' book fan?

I happen to be a strong advocate for regular books. There's a connection between the reader and the book that happens from holding the actual pages of the book, which gets lost in e-readers.
It's almost as if you develop a strong bond with holding the spine, feeling the pages as you turn them, that smell, oh you know that smell.
 You get a whole different experience when you read a book from a computer screen, and you miss out on this uniquely magical relationship with the book. 

I really love this picture. It's so true. Kindles don't have the same magic. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

This doesn't Define you. 31 days of LOVE

I absolutely love this picture.
 In case you didn't know, this is a scantron (used for exams)
I know that as students, young and old, (myself included) get so much anxiety and stress about that little number under 'total'.
When I get my tests handed back, I instantly think worst case scenario:
"If I fail this test, I will fail this class and I will fail college and I will be a poor homeless girl on the side of the street because no one will hire me and I'll have no money and I will be lonely and depressed for my entire existence."
Pretty much sums it up.
But in all reality, that number does not define who I am. 
I am not that tiny red mark. I am not that grade.
That small increment in time where I was tested on my prior knowledge does not make up who I am, nor the amount of knowledge I hold, nor the depth of my soul. It does not make up my ambitions and dreams and it certainly doesn't define the content of my character.

It does not define me. 
It does not define me. 
It does not define me. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Moments of the Week, 31 days of LOVE

Yes, I do realize it is now 10pm and I am just now posting for the day. Sorry! In fact, I apologize for this entire week. It's been nuts for me at school this week (1 midterm, 2 exams and 1 major project due) and I haven't really had time to breathe until 7pm. 
Anyway, here it is, my weekly wrap up:

Saturday as I've mentioned, a few friends got together and had a pinterest party! We all made crafts and exchanged them.{click here to see what I made!} The coolest part was that the friend who hosted literally has her own farm. 
She has 1 horse, 1 pony, 1 mini horse, 1 goat, 1 sheep, 1 angora sheep, 6 ducks 3 hens, 3 dogs, and 3 cats. Whew. I think I got them all. See, I don't lie! A farm!
The best part was she told me that she is looking to adopt a pig for me! If you know me personally, you should know I love pigs. They're my fav. 
(behind butterflies, of course)
(not the actual pig, I just googled cute pigs)
I mean, come on. A pig. In rainboots. How could you not?

Sunday, my mom treated me to some much needed mexican food. 
I hadn't had any since I left for Florida in May! *gasp*
I loooooove mexican and it was a nice treat because we've been cutting way back on eating out. 
I wish I had remembered to photograph this momentous occasion but I was just too darn happy I forgot. 
There is nuthin' betta than some chicken enchiladas and chips & queso. 

Whilst we were at dinner on sunday, I got a very strange phone call, from Alberta (where I used to live, in fact).
I think I am going to write a whole post about it, because it's kinda an awesome story. 
So I'll just tease you with that small amount of info. 

I saw this in the target parking lot and just had to snap a pic. 7, count 'em, 7(!!!) dogs! 
Now, don't get me wrong, I love dogs. like a lot. But not enough to have 7 incredibly cliche disney stickers on the back of my mini-van. 
Oh, side note: Why do you have a mini-van if you have one child?
Do you make all 7 of your dogs sit in a car seat? 
Just curious.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lyric Love, 31 Days of LOVE

I recently started a new board on my pinterest, Just so Lyrical because every once and a while I'll stumble across a pin of some of my favorite song lyrics. Somehow this collection of lyrics just makes me happy.
I thought I'd share a few with you.

Some are spunky and upbeat, while some are dark and twisted. I can't be the only one who's music changes with my mood. 

"Sleeping Sickness" City and Colour

"The Moment I Knew" Taylor Swift
(happens to be my fav song right now)

"Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time" The Smiths

"You and I" Ingrid Michaelson

"Sweet Disposition" The Temper Trap

"The Scientist" Coldplay
Side note: One of my favorite songs AND I loved it before Glee ruined it. 
Yep, I said it. 

"Take a Walk" Passion Pit

"The Girl" City and Colour

"Be Still" The Killers

"Fix You" Coldplay

"Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
Yes, I'm a rebel and listen to music with suggestive lyrics. Sue me. 

"Wouldn't it be Nice" Beach Boys

"There is a light that never goes out" The Smiths

"Somebody Told Me" The Killers

"All Too Well" Taylor Swift

Oh, I should stop... there are so many more, but I'm getting carried away!
What are some of your all time favorite songs?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore, Moto Jacket LOVE, 31 Days of LOVE

I was good this week and actually got a fairly decent amount of pictures, yay!
Here's what I wore this week:

I had to student teach at the elementary school, and the dress code is 'professional.'
I was a but worried that the black pants weren't dressy enough, but my mom (who's in HR) said they were fine. 
Oh! and it was actually cool enough where I needed a jacket (!!)
I love this jacket and believe it or not, I scored it for just $15 at kohls (coupons+kohls cash!)
I am so loving this Moto Jacket trend for fall. I can't wait to pair it with a girly dress or over a sweater. Now, if it could just get cold enough!
Jacket, Kohls
Blouse, Anthropologie via Goodwill
pants, LOFT
shoes, target

Earrings, goodwill

Here's what it looked like without the jacket.
Ok, so I really only did wear the jacket in the morning, but hey, I'm still happy I got to wear it!

I wore this to a pinterest party.
Top, Kohls via Goodwill
Pants, Old navy
Boots, Frye via Last Call

Scarf, Everyday Icing
Earrings, Franchescas


Again, I was student teaching.
Top and Skirt, LOFT
Heels, Cole Haan via yard sale

Necklace was made by me

School and work
Cardigan, Target
Blouse, LOFT via Goodwill
Jeans, Lauren Conrad via Goodwill
flats, antonio milani via Goodwill

I love this top. I think it's one of my best finds!