Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My First Annual Mug Swap 2013

Guys. I am so excited. I successfully completed my first annual mug swap!
What's a mug swap you may ask?
Read my post here to find out, or go to our wonderful host's blog, acuppakim.com
Thanks so much for hosting Kim!

Anyways, I want to show you first what I sent:

This was the mug I picked for my recipient. 
I fell in love with her blog and chose a mug to match it.
She told me she was a "wanna-be" writer (I disagree, she's wonderful!) so I included a notepad and pencils to help.
It was so nice to get to know someone else and to find out you both have similar interest (hello single ladies!)
Hope you like it Danielle!

I was so excited when I got this in my mailbox:
I think I literally did a happy dance singing "Yay! Yay! It's here! It's here!"

Here's the mug I got:

I love it! It's personalized just for me! It's so cool to know that no one else in this world will have the same mug as me. It also makes me smile knowing that someone took the time to personalize it. (There are butterflies on it guys!) Oh, and I just can't wait till it cools off so I can truly enjoy the HoCho. 
I wish my person sent me their name and info, so I could tell them thanks but if you're reading this
  THANKYOU! I love it and it's so perfect just for me

I can't wait till next year now....


  1. Oh hayyyy single ladies!!, so sweet!! I'm som glad you. Axe a new friend!!,

    If you shoot me an email ill send you your senders info as well!!!

    Loving the graphic print you chose to send and the personal mug is awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, she actually emailed me! yay!

  2. i love what you sent! so so cute! :) and your mug is super cute! wasn't this mug swap fun?!


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