Friday, September 20, 2013

Moments of the Week: Oreos and Legos

 Whew. This week just.trudged.on....Was I the only one who thought it was never ending??
For some reason, it seems like the more busy I am, the slower the week seems. 
I, for one, am just so darn happy that its friday!!
Here's a recap of my week:

1. I started the couch to 5k program this monday because my family's doing a 5k (color run) in october. I swear to you that first run was horrific. I wanted to quit each and every time I had to start jogging again and by the end I was out of breath and 'dying'. It didn't help that I did it at 1 o'clock in the afternoon in 100* weather. No, I won't be making that mistake again.
It reminded me how out of shape I am, and kinda motivated me to want to conquer it! 
I am excited to keep at it this upcoming week! 

^ that's a dog (ours to be exact)
Oh, this boy. He's such a grouch but then there are these brief moments where he's such a nice pup and I kinda like him. Then, the moments over too soon and he's off to being a butt face again. 

3. I'm getting placed this upcoming week at an elementary school! I am so excited!
I'm taking a teaching class that requires 16 hours of observation, which basically means that I go sit in on a real classroom at a real school and observe. I am really excited about it because it finally feels like this whole 'teaching' thing is becoming real. I should find out what elementary/middle school I get placed at and what teacher/grade I will be observing. I can't wait!

 These rotten things are the devil. I swear. I was actually happy when they were all gone, because I knew I'd stop eating them.
My mom bought them for my brother and I literally lost all self control, and basically blew my week's workouts. DARN you, OREO and sorry Addy for eating your Oreos!
Side note: Is it weird that I would never ever eat a regular 'white' Oreo, but the orange halloween ones I can demolish in 10 seconds flat? 

Today (thursday, I write these the day before) I had a very eventful evening at work. 
I walk into a classroom filled with just potty trained preschoolers and it was just short of pure chaos. 
Picture a billion legos thrown across the room, kids standing on tables, kids throwing a tantrums on the floor and others pulling the entire roll of toilet paper all around the room. My poor co-worker was completely at a loss. Believe it or not, this is what I do best, restoring order. I thrive in it. Within 5 minutes I had all the toys and toilet paper cleaned up and all of the kids sitting at the table (instead of on top of it) getting ready for snack and a movie. Ahhh... It was like we could take a big, deep breath. 
But not for long. 
I went to take a inconsolable little girl who really missed her mommy on a walk and when we returned, there was a kiddo who thought it would be fun to play in a puddle of one's own urine.  
The chaos had returned. 
So anyways, I'm trying to clean up the kid who was playing in her puddle, when I noticed another sweet one waiting so patiently for the bathroom. I look in the bathroom to see if it was open and inside is another little boy in there who "lost control"(if you know what I mean) and pee was everywhere. I mean on the walls, the floor the toilet seat, everywhere. 
So I quickly sorta get him taken care of and send him out the door to get the other kiddo who really had to go to actually go. Well... too late. She went. 
Yep. There was a total of 3 accidents I had to clean up. 

But you know what? I loved it, every second of it. I really do love my job and I love the chaos. And I say that genuinely, I really do.
It leaves me exhausted but my cup is so full afterwards and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. May I just say "YOU ARE AWESOME!" I'm happy for you that you've discovered your spiritual gifts at an early age and you're able to use them in your career! May God bless you for being you!!!


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