Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Darker

I typically have always been blonde (except one time when I decided to dye my hair dark dark brown and it was the biggest mistake of my life.. OK not that big, but still).
I normally only get my hair highlighted about twice a year and cut about 4 times a year. I'm weird, I know. My hair just doesn't need it as much because typically the sun will lighten it and I don't really struggle with damaged hair. 

Anyways, that's all to say that I need to go get my hair highlighted and I was thinking of adding more of my natural color in. (I have a light brown natural color, I describe it as squirrel colored). Nothing too stark, just a gradual darkish color. (No, not ombre)
Of course the first place I look for inspiration is Pinterest which really tempts me to want a change for fall!

What do you think? Should I go darker?


  1. I always think about this too, haha everytime I go in. I think you should try it, the pictures you showed are so pretty an it could be a fun change!

  2. Why not.... it can always be changed if you hate it.

  3. I know this is late, but I hope you went for it!

  4. I know this is late, but I hope you went for it!


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