Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Update and June Goals

So, I'm done complaining about the months going by so quickly, but can you believe there are only 6 months left until christmas!?!?!
OK, OK, I'm done!

Here were May's Goals:

1. Try not to over pack (this will be tough)
So, I've pretty much given up on this. I am, and will always be an over packer. C'est La Vie. 

2. Continue on with the Joel Osteen Podcasts.
Yep, I love him. He is so inspirational to me! I always feel like he's talking directly to me.

3. Keep my "Shop" successful this month!
Well, I am very blessed, because it's been so successful, I've been working non-stop! It's the best kind of work ;)
Thanks Mom and Nana for your help!!

4. RELAX and enjoy my summer!
Check, Check and Check!

2013 Bucket List:

-Cut out processed foods
-buy local produce/go to local farmer's market more
-volunteer somewhere
-have my first giveaway on my blog-COMING SOON! Very soon! I promise!!!
-figure out my college plan-I'm pretty sure I've decided which school I am transfering to! yay! I keep switching back and forth, but I've narrowed it down to two!
-save my money up for something big-YAY! I am so excited, but saving is hard!!

-bake a blackberry cobbler from scratch

-eat better and be active-My aunt and I are starting to walk, and eat healthier. Heres to hopefully getting a bikini bod! HA! who am I kidding.

-make new friends-sorta kinda maybe?

-work on my scrapbook- it took me a while to figure out where I put it, but I found it and even finished it! I am now working on my next one!  Started some new pages!!!

-go on a road trip (one is in the works), -For the past three weekends, we've driven to three different cities in Florida. So much fun!
-write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
-go camping-So, we went 'glamping' in a cabin. Does that count?
-read at least 8 books- 2 down, 6 to go :)
-teach myself how to sew

and now for....
June's Goals:

1. Just say yes....
(post coming soon)
2. Do something active for at least an hour once everyday.

3. Less junk food and more veggies.  

4. Register for Fall Classes

5. Start a new book


  1. Good Luck with your goals!I know you will feel better with more activity and more fresh produce! I love that the summer is coming and I can incorporate both more frequently!

    1. I totally agree! I love fresh produce, especially fruit! I think I may be a bit of a fruitaholic!


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