Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 days of....

So, I am sure by now, you have heard about the 31 day challenge from The nester. Basically, bloggers are supposed to pick a topic, and blog about it for 31 days straight! No exceptions!
So when I saw this, I knew I had to join in on the fun!

So, without further adieu, I introduce my topic:

Yep! You guessed it! 31 days of every little pin my heart desires.

For the month of October, expect to see everything from outfits, to recipes, to just down-right cleaver ideas. 

I cant wait to get started!

Our Rainy Canton Adventure

Wow. Where to begin. 

After a blissful nights sleep (which included a pretty bizarre dream) I awoke to the sound of rain hitting the rooftop.  You see, this is a big deal. I live in Texas, which provided the last 2 months with a drought and consisted of 2 months straight of 90-100 degree temperatures.  Needless to say, the sight of rain was very welcome. Anyway, after basking out my window, staring at raindrops, I quickly dressed to get ready for the day. If you read my post on saturday, then you already know that my mom, brother, dog and I were headed out to east Texas for First Monday Trade days!
I was beyond excited!
We rushed to the car and set off on our hour and a half drive to Canton. 
(which by the way, driving on the highway in the pouring rain is quite scary!)

 We arrived, and jumped out as fast as we could to scour the shops. 
Believe me, I **wish** I had an unlimited budget to just buy wanted....Hey! a girl can dream!

So basically, Canton is just a bunch of "trade" centers that rent out booths to different vendors. There is also a "yard sale" section, which we didnt venture to because, well, it was pouring rain!
So here are some pictures of the different booths we saw:

This booth was Ah-mazing. Simply gorgeous! They had lots of vintage pieces that they had re-done. They gave me so many ideas!
Do you see that table with the bench in the back? The grey one? I so wanted to take it home with me. 

SOO many amazing things! I wanted that blue suitcase! or even those milk bottles!

There was also some serious fashion going on! I got so much inspiration for What I wore wednesday! I loved that cream and black ensemble on the right. 

Then, we stopped at this cute little paper company that made amazing postcards, tags and wall art. I wish I wrote down the name, because they have an etsy shop, but I didn't, and forgot the name (even though I swore I wouldn't)
I ended up buying something from here, But I'll show you that later.

Do you see those circles hanging from the wood? Get this, those are bicycle wheels refashioned as outdoor art! They were so cool! I want to make my own, though. 

I also want to make a pillow like this, but out of an old grain sack I found at a yard sale. 

We also got some serious halloween inspiration. There were so many booths that were decked out! I loved this sign!

ok, so I loved their whole booth!

I also loved this owl, but he was a bit overpriced. 
and guess what? I also plan on making blocks similar to these too!
Surprised no?

 The prettiest fall mantle, which gets cut off in this picture, but believe me, it was beautiful!

Surprisingly, there was also a lot of Christmas Decor! My mom wanted this banner, but decided against purchasing. 

Do you see me? Do ya??
I dont know why I have such a scowl on my face.... ok yes I do. 
So we thought that since it was raining buckets, that it would be less crowded.
There were SO SO SO many people. more than usual. It was crazy town. Add on the fact that I was pushing a cart, walking a dog (who was seriously freaked out with all the people, But by this point, it was too late), and trying to find my mom who was lost in the crowd,
I totally get the look on my face. 
but It was a great day nevertheless.

ooh, I almost forgot, see that booth behind me? I LOVED all their jewelry, but It was once again, more than I wanted to spend. 

Oh goodness. You don't know how badly I wanted this picture. It was so beautiful.
again, I wish I was a millionaire.

So, I think these are extremely tacky, but my mom and brother loved them! I couldn't believe it.
What this picture doesn't show is how they are bigger than life size.
yup. Tacky. 

Wondering how the pooch did?
She was great, seeing the circumstances. There were a few moments (one of which she got scared of a lady's hat (she hates hats for some reason) and pulled herself out of her collar, so I went chasing after, through hundreds of laughing people (none of which offered to help) ). (wow that was a lot of parenthesis!)
She was rewarded with a bag of homemade treats!

and we rewarded ourselves with dairy queen. You see, this is a tradition. Every time we head east, we go to the exact same dairy queen for a chocolate dipped cone. Can you believe that the closest dairy queen to us is 50 miles away! I know! We don't even live in the boondocks! 

After shopping till we almost literally dropped, we headed back home. and sat for like, ever. and it was amazing. 

oh and if you're wondering what we we found and purchased, you will have to wait until later!

but we got some seriously awesome stuff!
and we got soaked (which was completely free, and completely worth it!)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Canton First Monday Trade Days!

Today, I am headed out with my family to Canton, Texas for first monday trade days! I am so excited! We try to go often, because its only an hour outside Dallas. There is so many cool booths and lots of trashy treasures! 
If your in the Metroplex, I highly recommend going! Here is their website!
It is a thrifter's dream!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recently Loving...

I thought I'd write a post about things I am loving recently... I am currently being a total girly-girl. I'm loving all things hair and makeup and clothes. This is unusual for me, not to say that I haven't ever worn makeup and such, because I have, but I changed my routine and am constantly looking and reading about the latest trends. 

Here is my list :)

I have never used liquid eyeliner before, so when I saw how cheap it was, I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been wearing the brown for about a month now and love it! I am still learning how to apply it perfectly, but other than that it is great!

I love all the colors in this quad. It is the perfect mix between brown and black. It is also very neutral!
Love this!

I love this scent! I am really picky about perfume, just because they normally give me migraines if they are too strong, but this scent is really light and fresh! I also have both daisy's and love those too! Marc makes great perfumes!

Dont get me wrong, I really stink at painting my nails. I am still learning, but this color is so light, that it is easy to cover mistakes, but isn't shear, so you can tell you have polish on. 

If you read The Small Things Blog, then you've already heard of this, but this stuff is AH-mazing. 
buy some now. For reals. 

It is perfect for  holding curl, but doesnt feel like you have globs of product in. It is awesome. Did I already say that?
buy it. 

that is all :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

Wow, it feels great to write this...Finally!

Not much, just because I randomly decided to blog again, and didnt take a lot of pics (just monday and tuesday)

Linking up with Pleated Poppy

pretty lazy day, but whatevs. 

baseball tee- old navy
striped tank- super clearance at target
jeans- levi's -via GW
shoes which you cant see- chucks

bracelets all came from Goodwill!

Shirt- Target via goodwill
jeans are consigned for $1!!!
and flats macy's

necklace local boutique

 earrings were a garage sale find!

and that is it! I know, I know, it will be better next week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sharing My Summer

Hey guys!

Remember that FANTASTIC summer I had?
Well, I made a photobook on Shutterfly (seriously the best thing ever, and it was free!! woohoo!) and thought I'd share with you. I just made another one yesterday of my England trip ( Target gives catalinas for free books all.the.time.) So don't throw them away! Use them!! They are awesome!!

Anyway, Here is my summer in "book" form! I made this to give to my nana, and I am so excited to give it to her!

The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.

I wasn't forced to write this, I just love shutterfly, and the fact that I have never paid full price for  a book, because I get free yea...start your book today!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey, its me! Do you remember who I am?

Wow. That was a long break. I didn't intend on it being this long, but man, almost three months went by! I'm so sorry!

So much has happened since then. I went to my grandparents house on Lookout Mountain for the entire summer with my cousins, and had a blast. I really miss it. My brother got married! (!!!!) I started my sophomore year of college and even started a new job at my church's preschool!

I hope to post more frequently now that I am getting into the swing of things. I know I don't have many followers, but what would you guys like to read about? Do you like the what I wore wednesdays? or the Goodwill finds?? (I still love doing both ;) )

let me know....

Until then here are some pictures of my summer:

my new family

good friends :)

brother, BFF and cousins on Stone mountain

Finding nemo ;)

meeting nicholas sparks

my lovely Grandma and I

Siblings, yup I'm the middle child!

reunion with old friends 

yummy tex mex in the ft worth stockyards

fun on the Tennessee river!

more stone mountain :)

we met a cow 

shot my first gun: a AR14...and am never doing it again. It scared me so bad!

paddle boating on the mountain

we went to the bush beans museum!

family at the wedding

rangers game! so fun!

white water rafting... more fun!

meeting nicholas sparks (sorry these aren't in order!!!)

I caught a fish!

friday night drive in...Brave and the avengers

cousin love

and lastly, but really it was the first thing we did, meeting winter from dolphin tale!