Monday, April 30, 2012


In commemoration of the one year anniversary of Will and Kate, I thought I'd share some royal wedding pictures from pinterest.
By the way, I am wearing my faux copy of her engagement ring and using a pen with their faces on them (which I got from my trip to london this past summer)   :)
(Yes I realize this is extremely creepy.)

Come on! you know you laughed!

I believe in fairytales....
Do you?

Friday, April 27, 2012


Linking up with Jeannett over at Life rearranged to share my amateur cell phone pictures for the week!
It was a busy busy week for me... I felt like the to do list was non-stop. This means my pics are kinda lame this week, but whatevs. 
(I would totally never say that in "real" life by the way)

I was very emotional on saturday, so my mom brought home the best medicine around: sugar cookies from my favorite bakery!
By the way, I meant to take a picture before I ate them, but as you can see, I just couldn't wait. 

This was after I got my hair cut. Im so glad I took a picture of it after she styled it, because when I tried on my own, it turned out awful. I am really bad at hair. its so not my thing.
So right now, I am hating my hair. :(

Im pretty sure that after the 5th hour of my cramming-for-a-test-the-next-day session, my head was going to explode. I never have been a studier, but now that I am in college, it is a must. 
still kinda sucks though :(
(do you see my doodles on the left paper? yup, I am a MAJOR doodler.)

So, If you remember last week's insta-friday , I showed you all that scrapbook paper... well here is what I was doing with it. These are washer necklaces I am selling at a booth at the longest yard sale in august. What do you think?

I got to hang with this cute little guy for a bit on tuesday. He is so cute! 
I LOVE my job!

(sorry it's blurry)
I found this brobee? (spelling??) from yo gabba gabba (his favorite show) at goodwill
He was SOOO excited! It was so funny; he kept feeding him goldfish and snuggling with him on the couch. Needless to say, he loved it!

When we dont feel like cooking, we have a "family picnic" I cherish these! We go to the store and buy yummy snacks, then go back home and watch a movie and enjoy quality family time. 
This time we enjoyed grapes, a variety of cheese, french bread with brie and raspberry, spinach dip and bagel crisps

While searching the cheese isle looking for things for our picnic, we came across this. YUCK! yes that does say strawberry chardonnay cheddar cheese! Can you say NASTY?? It even had specks of real strawberry in it!

This is what I have been listening to all week. Frank came up in my pandora playlist and I was jamming to some sinatra, you know, dancing with my hairbrush!

and focus! My older brother was planning his honeymoon with the help of my mom and I.
He chose disneyworld. Should be interesting huh?

I about died when I saw this at target.  Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author (don't judge! not all his books were my fav) So when I saw all the books with the movies, I almost cried. 
I already have every book, so now I want to collect the movies (right now I have of course the notebook and a walk to remember. I have seen all of them though!)
I only have like 2 I haven't read yet. Im taking my time, you cant rush these things!
Right now, I am rereading the lucky one in honor of the movie... which I WILL be seeing this weekend!

and finally, a spur of the moment trip to marble slab. Ice cream cures everything right? 
vanilla bean with kitkat in a chocolate cone for me
cookies and cream for a friend
and hot fudge sundae for my mom!
sooooo yummy, but soooo bad for you!
who cares right?
I will tomorrow... :(

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Linking up with Lindsey at the pleated poppy for another week of What I wore wednesday.

Well, Spring officially started and ended in exactly one week here in Dallas. Texas weather for ya!
So, this means high nineties and low eighties,
which for lack of a better word... suck!

Heres what I've got for ya this week!

I saw this top at F21 and couldn't put it down for some reason. Maybe its because it reminds me of those childhood days of tying my shirts in the front, who knows. but I loved the colors and it was SUPER cheap, so why not? right....
Top, sunnies, and sandals-F21
capris-levis from Goodwill

So this outfit originally started with a denim skirt with my tan boots, but as the day wore on, I kept taking more things off. I think I ended the day with the white tank underneath and the shorts. 
It is just so dang hot!
White shirt- Loft outlet
belt and shorts- goodwill
sandals- old navy
earrings- franchescas

YEP! I did it! I cut all my hair off! ok...not "all" of it,  but close enough!
It came out shorter than I thought originally, but I am loving the easy maintenance!
It will grow back! I hope :/
tee-new from TJMAXX
jeans- gap from goodwill
wow that was a long link!
shoes-just plain ol' black flats from macy's clearance

and finally...yesterday's outfit! Once again, way too hot for anything other than shorts. 
(I only wore the cardigan to my FREEZING classroom)  
shorts- american eagle VIA goodwill
cardi-old navy
sandals and sunnies- F21
necklace-found here

Have a fabulous end of the week! 
Here is my question for you:
How do you dress for super hot days? Does fashion go out the window? or is it still necessary?

Id love to hear your feedback!
If you're visiting, stop by and stay awhile! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Skincare Routine

When I was 13, my mom took me to the nearest clinique counter and got me started on a daily skincare routine. She knew it was important to start me young, because my family has a history of bad skin. 
She imidiately got me started on the Clinique 3 step, and told me that if I used it everyday for a year, she would let me wear makeup.Now, years later, I am so grateful for this! I hardly ever break out, and am constantly told that my skin is well taken care of ;) Its was a lot of work at first, but now, it is just like clockwork!I thought I'd share with you my daily skin care routine:I normally only clean my face once a day (even though clinique recommends twice) because I really don't have time in the mornings. I always clean my face straight out of the shower (I shower at night). 

First things first, I ALWAYS take my makeup off. I cant even lay down in bed with the thought of having mascara and foundation on my face. I have to let my face breathe!I use Target's Up&up face wipes

Honestly, I swear by these! I have tried the name brands (ponds) and I find these work 100X better. They remove waterproof mascara, and get every inch of my foundation off. They aren't oily and leave my face smelling great.I use these wipes in place of a face wash, just because I am too lazy to do both :)

Next, I use Step Two in the Clinique three step, which is the Clarifying Lotion (I use number two)

"Helps clear away pollution, dulling flakes for smooth, glowing skin. Helps pores look their smallest. Skin accepts moisture better. Grows more resistant to impurities. Stays healthier, younger. Dermatologist-reformulated to be comfortable, non-drying."
I havent figured out why they call it a "lotion", because it most certainly is not. I use this with a cotton ball and wipe all over my face with medium pressure (dont press hard or you will burn your face...ouch!). It does sting a bit ( but I like that) and you can see all the dirt and dead skin come off on the cotton ball. This product gives my skin that "clean" feeling!

Then I moisturize with step three of the three step: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

"The oil-free moisture "drink" developed by Clinique's dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance for skins comfortable in the cheeks but oily in the T-zone or oily all over. Oil-free formula softens, smooths, improves.'
If I was stranded on a deserted Island and could only bring one thing, this would be it. I seriously couldn't live without it! It is what makes my skin feel "normal" and smooth. I also love that it never leaves my skin oily!

 After, I use Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer also by Clinique. Now, this product does have a hefty price tag, but I can honestly tell you that it is worth every single penny!

"Fast acting exfoliating serum instantly creates a luminous-from-within radiance. Reveals skin's finest texture, too. Works to optimise natural cell renewal, gently, continually, unveiling skin that's brighter, healthier, more uniform. Becomes softer, younger over time.
This product leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bum! I also love that it makes my makeup so easy to apply. Not only that, but it helps my skin for the long run as well!

Once a week, I do use a mask to clear my pores. I love Origins Clear Improvement

When environmental toxins, dirt and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, skin looks cloudy. Nature's complexion clean-up crew gets to the bottom of skins overcast condition and clears the way for it to act its best. Activated Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins, Lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that "stuff" down there, skin "breathes a sigh of relief." Best for all skin types

I apply this in the shower right as I am about to get out. Then I let it dry , and rinse it off in the sink.

Lastly, I always apply lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.  My lips get so dry (especially during the winter) so this is crucial. I swear I have tried every lip balm on the market, but I love EOS Lip Balm


eos lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth

I love all the flavours (especially the strawberry) and the actual package is adorable (its shaped like a lemon almost!)It definetly keeps my lips soft and it tastes good at the same time...come on you know what I mean!I also love that it is organic! You can get it at CVS for less than $2.50!

So, thats it! Did I completely bore you to death? Hope not :)

If there is one thing I learned, its that good skin takes work. If youre committed to doing a cleaning routine every single day, good skin should come naturally. Especially if you have the right products.

While yes, some of the products I use are expensive, but they are worth it!I have learned when to spend the money and when to not. (for example, I use target $3 wipes, but $42 moisturizer)So I recommend going to a department store and asking for a facial treatment that will work best for you, then shop around to be sure you have found the best products for your skin!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodwill hunting

Happy Monday! I had a very interesting and eventful weekend. My mom took friday off of work so we spent the day thrifting! It was so much fun. I didn't photograph the TWO CART FULL's of finds, so I will show you want I found earlier in the week.
Not too interesting, but I did find some great things:

Green Metal Vase- .47cents

Wallet and Change purse- 1.59 each

"Diamond" frame- .99cents

ugly brass butterfly that would look fabulous with a bright colored coat of spray paint!- .99cents

so grand total:


What a steal! 

Have a great monday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Happy Saturday!
What is this day bringing you?
I am running errands like a mad woman!

Since, I have been doing What I wore wednesday for a bit now, I thought I would share with you a couple pins on my pinterest style board (feel free to follow me!)

I love everything about this outfit!
I have seen this necklace every where, and I so want it!  Too bad Im a broke college student HA!
I love the stripes and aqua color together!

I want to jump into this picture and rip this dress off the model, I love it that much! I ADORE the sweetheart neckline and once again the aqua color, but the best part is the adorable polka dots that make the whole dress in my opinion.

I love the colors in this outfit! I actually ordered these toms, but they are on back order and wont be here until august...booo!
This outfit is perfect for summer!

Once again, POLKA DOTS! How adorable is this??? I love the high waisted shorts and the preppy bow on the top. I also love the mixture of aqua and orange. ( I might just have to try this color combo!)

Pleats, Pleats, Pleats! I am seeing them every where! Not only is the skirt to-die-for, but I love how they added the neon trend as well. I like how they let the skirt pop by pairing it with neutrals and white.

This looks like such a comfy outfit! I am obsessed with stripes for some reason, so this is right up my alley! I love the "natural" and boho feel to this outfit.

and there is so many more, so go check it out!
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012


It's Friday! Whoop Whoop! My mom took the day off so we are having a "girls day," and I am so excited! I am also getting a haircut (leave me your opinions please!) which is always fun! (for me at least)

Not too many pictures this week, haven't got a clue why? Maybe just lacking inspiration? Who knows.
Linking up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged to share my weekly cell pictures!

One of my favorite things to do while studying is to watch tv on Hulu. Believe it or not, I can multi-task really well. Plus I hate silence. So, while studying for a government exam, I caught up on Glee.
my thoughts?'s slowly getting worse and worse.

When I start to head up stairs to go to bed, my dog runs up and jumps on my bed before I can even get to the first step. Then, when I finally make it up, she gives me this adorable face.
She is pretty awesome!

Tuesdays are typcially a night where we eat out due to crazy this time, we decided to try a new local restuarant. I chose chicken fried rice (because seriously, How can you screw that up?) and my mom ordered some brocoli and spicy beef thing. Cant say its our favorite (Pei Wei is 100X better) but it was good!

I decided to hit up the mall one afternoon because I had an errand to run. Little did I know that Forever 21 would force me to go in and buy things.... I mean I lost all will power.
But how can you pass up super cheap sunglasses for less than 5 bucks??

I'm working on a new project that involves lots and lots of scrapbook paper.
So fun!

and now, I am leaving you with this DISGUSTING meal I made. 
My name is Amber, and I cant cook to save my life.
There I said it. 
I cant even make pancakes without them being burnt to a crisp on the outside and liquidy yuckiness on the inside.
That takes skill.

Hey, since you are here, might as well follow me right? If you want, just click that button "Follow Me" right up there ^, at the top! Im thinking if I reach 20 followers, I'll throw a super-awesome giveaway!
Come on! You know you want to!

Have a great weekend, you know I will! 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair ( I really need your advice!)

OK, so if you read my WIWW post yesterday, then you already know that I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. 
I want a change...I think

There are a a few problems with my hair now:

#1. It takes FOREVER! and I mean FOREVER, like 3 years, to grow out.  I cut my hair short about 3 years ago, and have been growing it out since then. I started to take biotin around christmas and that worked immensely. Now, its semi-long and probably about as long as it will grow. 
This is a problem because, if I was to cut it short, It wouldn't grow back fast.

Here is what it looks like now. 
(do you see that NASTY blue streak, Yup. still there, and still HATE it)

#2. it is style-less. The only thing I can do to style it is to
a. put it in a pony tail
or b. straighten it
This is very frustrating because I have absolutely NO versatility.

So here is what I was thinking...
Searching through pinterest
(by the way, Did you notice that new bar on the side ----------> there! 
you can now follow me personally on pinterest!!)

where was I? oh right, Hair
So I found these pictures last night and fell in love.

So you get where I'm going with this, right?
I'm thinking a long bob.
I want to, I really do, but I have a couple concerns:

a. what if I hate it in a couple weeks and want my ever so slow-growing, long hair back

and b. It will make me look like I am twelve.
You see, I am often mistaken for being younger than I actually am, and as much as I will appreciate that when I am older, I really dont like it now. 

What I like about cutting my hair short:
-easy styling that will look effortless
-not so dang hot (with summer coming, I know I will appreciate it)
-less brush time and less time in the shower

 Like I said, I cut my hair short a while a go and here is what it looked like:

It wont be this short, if I decide to cut it, mainly because I HAVE to be able to put it up and plus, I just want some hair.

So, as you can see, I REALLY REALLY REALLY need your help.

Should I cut it? or leave it?
If I do cut it, will it make me look younger?
If I leave it long, How should I trim it?
Any suggestions besides what I have? 
Maybe a new style all together??

yes, you should know that already.

Please, I am begging, begging, for your suggestions and help!