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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Story; Chapter One-The Principal's Office

January 15th, 2008.

It was a Tuesday.

And a day that's etched into the back of my mind forever.

It started off normal. Well, I say that, but really it wasn't. My parents were going through a bitter divorce and my mom and brothers and I were moving to Canada in a few months for her job. Add on the raging hormones of a middle school girl, I'd swear to you that my life was everything but normal.

Anyways, I had went to school in a great mood trying to savor every last minute with my friends until I moved. Of course I had my ever-present aching headache in the back of my head, but I tried my best to ignore it. Also, I was counting down the days till my mom got home from her trip to hopefully find us a house up north. My grandma was watching us for the week, but she'd be back friday. I couldn't remember if it was her weekend or my dad's. Secretly, I hoped it was neither. I couldn't stand being around either of them. I just wanted to be with my friends.

First was English class. My favorite. I was behind on my work because I had missed the day before. I always hated missing class. It was mortifying. I was so embarrassed because I heard one of my classmates say under her breath "She always gets pulled out. How come they're always for her (talking about the passes we'd receive if a parent was there to come get you). It was true though, recently I had been missing a lot of class.

I missed the day before because I had to get an MRI with contrast, which basically means they had to give me an IV to inject ink into me to see my brain better. I had to spend 40 minutes with my head attached to a cage, not being able to move, while hearing the loudest banging noise I'd ever heard.  Honestly, I would've rather been in English class.

I wasn't really sure why I had to get an MRI anyway. I mean, I had just gotten one a few weeks ago. Why on earth do they need another one? I remember I was annoyed.
  "they're just headaches, jeez."
 I thought my mom and doctor were overreacting. Oh, how I thought I knew it all.

Nevertheless, I began my makeup work from the day before. I hated it. I hated feeling like I was behind everyone else, and that I had to catch up just to understand.

English class flew by, and fortunately for me, so did math class.

Reading was next, then lunch, which meant I was closer to being able to talk with my friends which is all I seemed to live for back then.

I sat at my desk watching the clock tick.
Only 48 more minutes until lunch. I can do this.  47... 46....

While I was watching the paint chip off the wall, I heard our classroom door open, and instinctively, all of our focus turned to it.

In walked our school principal. Odd.

I had never seen him before. He's always in his office.

He whispered something into my teachers ear.
That's when both of them turned towards me.

My face fell.

Oh crap, it's about me. 

"Miss Amber H, I need to see you in my office," the principal said sternly.

I stumbled to my feet, my face was beat red. My classmates had fell silent, and all their eyes were on me.

One kid said "oooooh What'd you do now, Amber!?!?"

I ignored it, and walked out the door despite my legs feeling like jello.

The principal wouldn't look me in the eye. I remember that.

But he asked me how my day was.
I kinda chuckled at the question seeing that my principal was escorting me to his office. So I decided to say "Depends on what you're about to tell me" sarcastically.
and he said nothing.
  Double crap. It's bad. 

During the remainder of our short walk, I tried to recall what I could've possibly done to go to the principal's office. I was a good kid, and had never even had a detention. This stumped me. I had no clue.

He opened his door to his office and I saw my grandmother sitting in a chair. Her face was grim.
My eyes searched the room and saw my mother sitting next to her.

Oh God. She isn't supposed to be back until Friday!

Then I noticed she was sobbing. I looked back at my grandmother and then to the principal, but he was no longer in the room.

I was confused. I asked quietly "what's going on?"

No one said anything.

"MOM, what's wrong!?!??!"

She muttered beneath her tears,

"Amber, Sit down. I need to tell you something."

"TELL ME!" I screamed.

"Amber," she said softly,

"you have a brain tumor"

and I didn't hear anything else she said after that.
I fell to my knees as I felt my world come crashing down around me.

*Stay tuned for chapter two!*

Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Ipsy Bag

It seems as though my Ipsy bags get better and better every month! Each time I think it's the best bag yet, until another one comes around and I change my mind. 
As always, Ipsy is a monthly subscription for just $10.
You can join by clicking Here!

Here's what I got this month:

What They Say:
Starlooks' long-lasting, full-coverage Lip Pencil enhances the shape of your lips and gives them perfect definition. This creamy, moisturizing formula glides on softly to smooth lips and ensure lipstick stays in place, while extending its wear. Can also be used as an all-over, highly-pigmented lip color. Comes in several shades and various finishes to pair with any Starlooks Lipstick, Lip Gloss, or Tendergloss!

Starlooks Makeup Line is entirely Lead Free, and Cruelty Free.

What I say:
While I've never heard of this brand before, I really liked the quality of this pencil. It's super creamy and long lasting. Only thing is that I normally never where Lip liner and hardly ever wear darker shades like this one is. 

 What They Say:
Everyone loves a little sparkle! Add a healthy dosage of sparkle in your life with the cream palette that comes in a variety of complementing colors. The creamy texture allows the sparkle to be applied easily with an applicator onto your skin.

This product should be used on the body and not on the eye area. 

What I say:
If the swatches above don't give you any indication on this, take it from me. This is terrible.
It's so blotchy and not creamy at all.
Oh Yeah, see that last part? You're not supposed to use this on your eyes. 
So what is the point? I certainly am not going to wear black glitter on my body.
Maybe I'll save this for halloween, or not. 

What They say:
Whether you are trying to create the eyes of a runway model or the classic look of a 60's Hollywood star, the Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner can make any style possible! The easy to use built-in brush makes it perfect for taking on-the-go. Create a chic yet casual look right before work, and then update it for a night out with the girls. The Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner brushes on smooth and stays moist just long enough for wearers to perfect their look. Once dry, the gel is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours. The highly concentrated pigment of the liner creates lusciously smooth lines and is safe for sensitive eyes.

What I say:
I like this! At first, I was worried that it was going to be too bright to actually wear, but the color turns out a lot darker than it is in the pot. I love that there is a built in brush which makes this perfect for travel. 

For some reason, I can't find the picture of the blush...sorry!
What They Say:
The NYX Powder Blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on and blends beautifully creating a natural glow. 

What I Say:
I've been wanting to try these for forever, so I was super excited when I got this!
I really liked this blush. The pigmentation is wonderful, I swiped my brush once and had to tap off the excess because it was that pigmented. The color is really pretty too!

What they say:
Chella's Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil is a fresh and pretty neutral pencil that will brighten and visibly lift your eyes when lightly applied on the brow bone, dark circles, blemishes and red spots. Draw a line under the brow with this creamy pencil and then pat gently into place using your ring finger. May be used above the brow for additional highlighting, as well as anywhere you would use a concealer.

 What I say:
I loved this too! It works great (very creamy) and goes well with my skin tone. It's great to highlight under your brow bone, and above your cupids bow!

 Here's a swatch of all the products (Except suspicious "body" glitter):

Want an Ipsy Subscription?
Sign up here

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's Wardrobe: Summer Days

Oh, man. It's hot!
I know, I know, I am from Texas and I should be used to it by now,
but every year I swear it gets worse. 
Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Anyways, here's what I wore this week, when I wasn't in a tank top and workout shorts. (a.k.a. my summer 'uniform')

I looooove the color of this top! It's a pale aqua, maybe a bit minty with more blue than green. It's a thick linen (Surprisingly not too hot). I was so upset because the tag was cut out! It feels very well made!
Top, Brand unknown; goodwill- $4
Shorts, Tommy Hilfiger; Goodwill-$3
Sandals, Kelly and Kaite; Goodwill-$4
Earrings, Target; $7

*excuse the random box of beads laying on the ground ^*
Tank (a step up from my 'uniform'), Loft; Goodwill- $3
under tank, target-$8
shorts, Banana Republic; Goodwill-$3
Sandals, Tory Burch; Goodwill-$2 (Quite possibly my best find ever, seeing that they retail for over $200!!!)
Sunglasses, Ray Ban; Last Call (Plus my mom's discount)-$40

Just out of the shower after a 5 mile bike ride
Dress; unknown brand; Goodwill -$5
sandals, Forever 21; $8

There you have it. Super casual (You can see I was certainly not going to be bothered drying my hair in the last pic) ;)
But cool enough for the summer heat.

How do you dress to stay cool?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes: Summer Anthems

A while ago I used to do something here on the blog called "tuesday's tunes," where I'd share music I've been enjoying recently. Well, I haven't done one in a while so I figured today is the day!

Music evokes memories to me especially during summertime.
I tend to have several summer anthems year after year and every time I hear them I'm transported back to that year's summer. 

For example, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae and "What Makes You Beautiful" by One direction, and "Payphone" by Maroon 5 are last year's summer songs. 
Every time I hear them, I am transported to the front seat of my grandma's car trying not to laugh at my Nana's dancing and I'm singing at the top of my lungs, whilst looking back at my cousins doing the very same thing. 
Oh, sweet summer time. 

Anyways, I think I've found this summer's anthems...

1. Florida Georgia Line- Cruise (Remix) Ft. Nelly. 

I looooove this song, dare I say my favorite one right now. It instantly puts me in a good mood. My cousins and I have the entire song down to a tee and always sing along when it comes on--with our windows down, of course!!

2.  Justin Timberlake-Mirrors

Ok, so NSYNC might've been the very first concert I ever went too, did I really just admit that!?!?!
I love the words, the beat, and of course, JT. 
We all sing to this one too.
Ok, I need to stop saying that because we do that to every song!

3. Taylor Swift- 22

You know I had to at least mention one song by my girl T-Swizzle. 
and even though I've been jamming to this song since it came out last October, I think this is the perfect summer song. It makes me want to dance around and sing into my hair brush. 

5. Maroon 5- Daylight

Did you know that Maroon 5 is my favorite band?
I remember listening to them in 3rd grade when my mom finally bought me the "Songs About Jane" album. I fell in love with the song "She will be Loved" It's still my favorite song to this day. 
Anyways, last year it was Payphone, this year it's Daylight. (even though I was still listening to it last summer!) Oh, adam levine.... Marry me?

and there you have it! My summer playlist.

Honorable Mentions:

Luke Bryan- Drunk on You
One Direction- Kiss You
Imagine Dragons-Radioactive
Jason Aldean- Big Green Tractor (This song is so ridiculous it's funny. But catchy. )
Taylor Swift- All Too Well (Not a summer song, but I love it anyways.)
Hot Chelle Rae- I Like It Like That

Monday, June 24, 2013

Which would you choose?

Are you a purse girl, or a shoe girl?

I'm kind of both. I like to buy things logically, so I'd choose whichever I'd end up wearing the most. 
However, I find myself buying more shoes than bags because
a. they're generally cheaper
b. I am really picky about purses. 

Given the above situation, I'd go for the shoes.
{If I had an unlimited budget of course. }
I've been drooling over them ever since I saw them online. I mean the color is to die for. 
But, logically and truthfully, I bought myself a purse from Kate Spade recently that was super discounted, (More so than the orange one above!) and something I'd wear more often, like all the time. 

I guess I should mention that I am not buying any of these, I just really, really like them both.

What about you?
Shoes? or Purses?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Say Yes.

 I briefly mentioned in this post an inner battle that rages on inside me.
Basically, I shared that I'm a prisoner to my own pain and that pain left me with fear.
with anxiety.
with hurt.

I wrote, "I was holding to my pain, and I had all of this negativity within me. It was holding me back. In fact, it was stopping me from developing friendships and relationships. It was preventing me from truly moving forward with my life because I was still stuck in the past."

I was afraid. terrified. 
I never wanted to feel vulnerable again.
I never did anything out of my comfort zone.

In fact, I vowed to never put myself in those positions again. 

I was living in fear. 

Finally, I just got sick and tired of constantly saying no to things that scared me. I was sick of over thinking every little detail and overanalyzing everything, weighing every option. 
 I just realized life is too short to keep living like this! I was sick and tired of living half a life. 

Carpe Diem, right!?!? 

So, I came up with this idea of sorts.
What if every time I was tempted to say no to something, I'd say Yes. 
Not just small things, but big things too. 
What's the worst that could happen?
Would I shrivel up and die? Or would I finally be living my life to it's fullest potential?

So the time came when I was asked to spend a few months in Florida.
I thought of a billion reasons why I shouldn't do it. 

but I said yes anyways. 

I was registering for fall classes and was terrified at the only options I had. I wanted to throw in the towel and forget the past two years of college all together. 

But I said yes, and registered for that class. 

I was begged to ride this ride, that quite frankly looked terrifying,
but I said yes. 
(and enjoyed it so much I rode it again!)

and gulp, this was the tough one...

I was asked to meet a guy who might be interested in me.
and you know what?

I said yes. 

Part of truly forgiving someone, I've learned, is also learning to forgive yourself. 
It's about allowing yourself to feel vulnerable again. 
So, if you feel like your constantly being held back because of fear, anxiety, or pain
I'd encourage you to just. say. yes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday's Wardrobe: The Maxi Skirt &100% Thrifted?

Ok, so I know I officially ended my challenge last week, but as I was pulling together the photos for todays post, I noticed something:

 everything I was wearing, except my jewelry & tank, was thrifted.
I can't kick the habit.
I just can't escape it, but I'm not complaining one bit!

I loved this maxi skirt the instant I saw it amidst the dingy t-shirts and 80's rompers.
It literally feels like I am wearing pjs. 
Best find ever?
maybe. for now.

Denim top; calvin klein via goodwill $4
skirt; American Rag via GW $5
Sandals; kelly and kaite, via GW $2
Tank; target $8
Earrings; target $8
necklace; Lisa leonard (petite crest) via a gift


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Monday, June 17, 2013

On Fairytales and Happily Ever Afters....

Are you ready for a mushy post? No? OK, well too bad. I feel like writing something that's been in the back of my mind for a while....

Lets start here:

I've never had a "serious" boyfriend. There. I said it.

Sure, I had several 'boyfriends' in grade school, but those don't count. Do they?

It's not because I am against dating or anything like that. Trust me, it would've been nice to have a date to prom and someone to hang out with on the weekends. But it just never happened for me. I'd like to say it was because no one was interested in me. My family begs to differ, but that's another story.

Anyways, since I never really dated anyone, I found myself reading a lot of love stories. (hence my love for nicholas sparks and the start of my troubles).

They left me wanting more. More than just the average love. More than just meeting online or in college or at work, you know more than just the average.

I wanted a passionate, enchanting, all consuming love story. It made me want someone just like in those love stories. Someone who is patient, kind, and beguiling. He would know every detail about me and he'd care for me more than he does for himself. He's funny, caring and kind. He'd jump in front of a car for me, and he would never leave me.

I want more.

(See, cheesy!! I know! but it's the truth...)

But is that all it really is, a fairytale?

Can that kind of passionate, all consuming kind of love really exist?

Part of me feels like wanting that kind of love is the same as me wishing that some sparkly vampire or even Prince Charming will fall in love with me.  I will spend my whole life waiting for something that will never come.

Am I hoping, wishing for something that will never happen?

A while ago, my biggest fear would be that I'd end up alone at the end of my life. But I've come to realize that that's not the worst thing that could happen to me. I think I've accepted that I will probably never find a love like that.
But you know what? I will still have my happily ever after. I will still fall in love, just in other ways...with cities, with my job, with memories. I will still be loved by my friends and my family. And if love does find me, I will run full force with open arms, but I won't wait my entire life for it.
 and if you ask me, that's the best love story I've ever heard.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Vote for Your Favorite: 100% Thrifted Outfit Challenge FINALE

I was trying to decide how to end this challenge, when one of my Fabulous readers suggested that I should have a poll of all my outfits and see which one was the favorite. I loved the idea! I've combined all of the outfits below and added an easy generator. All you do is click the one you like the most!

To see the individual posts, click below

So whatcha waitin' for?
Which 100% Thrifted Look Did You Like The Most? free polls 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

100% Thrifted Outfit Challenge-Week 4

This week I went for more color. 
I'm now caught up, so this is the outfit I wore in some hot Florida weather.

I loved it!
It was comfortable but made me feel put together.
It also kept me semi cool in the heat!

Shirt & tank- Target via GW, $1.50
Shorts- Lilly Pulitzer via GW $10
Wedges-Old navy via GW $6


I've completed a month of 100% thrifted outfits! It was a challenge, but a fun one!
Maybe every once and a while I'll continue doing this :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box

I was so excited to hear that influenster was sending me another Vox Box!
I've already received two before, so I was really excited to get this one!

When it arrived in the mail, I was kinda unimpressed. 
Not that I was complaining, because it was given to me for free, and I love free stuff, 
I was just so-so about it. 

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant
This may be TMI, but I've been having deodorant problems recently. Okay, B.O. problems. Nothing ever seems to work strong enough for me! I've finally found that the solid form of this secret works well for me. I'll be interested in seeing if the gel works the same. We shall see!

NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm
 I really like this. It's sheer, but after a few strokes, you'll get the classic red you're looking for. 

Here is my swatch after about 6 strokes.
Still sheer, but very moisturizing. This will be great for summer!
While this is a great lip balm, it has this terribly strong 'fake apple' smell. It's off-putting to me because I get migraines easily from smells. The color is great, though and I will wear lightly as the smell does wear off after a while. 

Broadway Nail ImPRESS Press-on Manicure

 I'm not a fake nail person. It's just not me, and I would never personally choose to put a brown color on my nails. It just seems gross to me. I gave these to my aunt and she liked them. She said they were easy to apply and lasted quite a while! So maybe I'll give them a try in a different color. 

Schwarzkopf OSIS Gelatstic
I used this in my hair after I went to the beach to hopefully achieve those beachy waves everyone goes for. I applied a small amount and that was just enough. It didn't leave my hair crunchy, which I like,  but still held my natural wave.

 Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes:
I didn't even get the chance to taste this, as the second my sweet little cousin saw it, it was his. 
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

 as you can see, he totally hated it! LOL.
He literally devoured it in under 10 seconds flat. He really really liked it and asked if we could buy some!
That's when you know it's good. 

Anyway, Sign up for influenster, and maybe you could test out some products! It's great!
Overall, I am excited about all the things I received and I plan on using almost all of it.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for Testing purposes only. These thoughts and opinions are my own :)*

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Broken Compact? Here's an easy fix...

I tried this myself and it works! It's saved me so many products, which saves money! Yay!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

100% Thrifted Outfit Challenge- Week 3

This week I went with a more casual look. 
 This is something I would wear on campus and to work. 
It's comfy, but looks put together. 

Wearing this much color is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I like it. 

entire outfit; Goodwill

Do you like color? Or are you more comfortable wearing neutrals? 
Leave me a comment below and tell me!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Update and June Goals

So, I'm done complaining about the months going by so quickly, but can you believe there are only 6 months left until christmas!?!?!
OK, OK, I'm done!

Here were May's Goals:

1. Try not to over pack (this will be tough)
So, I've pretty much given up on this. I am, and will always be an over packer. C'est La Vie. 

2. Continue on with the Joel Osteen Podcasts.
Yep, I love him. He is so inspirational to me! I always feel like he's talking directly to me.

3. Keep my "Shop" successful this month!
Well, I am very blessed, because it's been so successful, I've been working non-stop! It's the best kind of work ;)
Thanks Mom and Nana for your help!!

4. RELAX and enjoy my summer!
Check, Check and Check!

2013 Bucket List:

-Cut out processed foods
-buy local produce/go to local farmer's market more
-volunteer somewhere
-have my first giveaway on my blog-COMING SOON! Very soon! I promise!!!
-figure out my college plan-I'm pretty sure I've decided which school I am transfering to! yay! I keep switching back and forth, but I've narrowed it down to two!
-save my money up for something big-YAY! I am so excited, but saving is hard!!

-bake a blackberry cobbler from scratch

-eat better and be active-My aunt and I are starting to walk, and eat healthier. Heres to hopefully getting a bikini bod! HA! who am I kidding.

-make new friends-sorta kinda maybe?

-work on my scrapbook- it took me a while to figure out where I put it, but I found it and even finished it! I am now working on my next one!  Started some new pages!!!

-go on a road trip (one is in the works), -For the past three weekends, we've driven to three different cities in Florida. So much fun!
-write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
-go camping-So, we went 'glamping' in a cabin. Does that count?
-read at least 8 books- 2 down, 6 to go :)
-teach myself how to sew

and now for....
June's Goals:

1. Just say yes....
(post coming soon)
2. Do something active for at least an hour once everyday.

3. Less junk food and more veggies.  

4. Register for Fall Classes

5. Start a new book

Monday, June 3, 2013

May Beauty Favorites

I have to admit, this was kinda hard to come up with. I really haven't tried any 'new' products, instead I've been using what I already have. It's great for my wallet, but not so interesting for a post. Nevertheless, I did find a few things I've really been loving this month. 

Lately, I've been loving a simpler eye look consisting with a light eyeshadow and a thin winged eyeliner. This is perfect for that! It goes on easy, dries fast and isn't shiny-all things I look for. Only negative is this definitely isn't waterproof, and I wouldn't suggest rubbing your eyes. But for $2.99, it works for me!

I love love love this color! It's perfect for summer and I have been wearing it ever since I got it. I really like Zoya nail polishes because they are "green" and don't use harsh chemicals. Plus, they run sales all the time, and I got this one for $4. Can't beat that!

If you are somewhat of an extreme couponer, you probably have loads of these by now. I get them free all. the. time. I figured that I would give it a shot, and I really love it! I hate that oil feeling that so many makeu[p removers have, and this one doesn't have that. It gets rid of my mascara fairly easily and doesn't burn my eyes too badly. 

Like I said, I've been going light on eyeshadow recently. I can quickly put this on and it will look great and last all day. I love this color specifically because it's the perfect base to wear under shadows, or even on it's own.