Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I feel like a failure at this. I know you guys are probably sick of my excuses about WIWW, but here I go again.
It's still so dang hot here. Trust me, I really would like to rip out my jeans and not come out of them until next May, but I physically can't unless I want to die from a heat stroke.
Apparently this week I really liked baseball tees. Oh, for some reason both times they had something on them by accident. Oops. 

(This time it was lint)
Shirt-Forever 21, $9
Skirt-thrifted, h&m, $3
Flats-Sam Edelman via Last Call, $34
Earrings- Everyday Icing, $13
SHould I do a separate post about our halloween decor this year? let me know!

(and this time it was water from emptying the dishwasher)
Shirt-Kohls, $7
Shorts- thrifted, Kohls, $2
Toms-Neimans, $45
Necklace- Etsy, $10
Sunglasses-Kohls, $4

and that's all, folks. Sorry, hopefully next week will be better! *Fingers crossed*


  1. Hey, what a fun Fall/Halloween display you have going on in the back.
    I love all of your thrifted finds. The skirt is so cute and can be dressed up or down. Way to go!

    1. Thank you! I love it too and you are so right!

  2. Love the doggie's photo bomb! Both outfits are "real" and it'll be inspiring to see how you cycle around with fashion once weather gets cooler! And YES!!! please do Halloween post!!!

    1. Now if I could just get some cooler weather!

  3. Yes, you should definitely post about your Halloween decor!

  4. Yes, you should definitely post about your Halloween decor!


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