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Well hello there! 

Thank you so much for visiting my little blog! 
We should probably start this whole shindig off with my name. It's Amber, but I also answer to AC, Alternating Current (my grandpa calls me that, don't ask. ), Caroline,  princess (hmm, not sure where I got that one), any of my brother's names (thats what happens when your names all start with A), Amanda (why do people get Amber and Amanda confused? they aren't remotely similar!) blonde chick, hey you! yeah, you!, ember (yes, it's wrong) and even, "Whats your name again?" 
But hey, on the bright side, my name is always on those souvenir key chains!

Anyways, where were we?
 Oh yes, About me. 
Well, to start, I am a college student studying to be a first grade teacher. This past december I graduated with my Associates of Arts in Teaching and I am now at a university getting my Bachelors!
 I enjoy crafting, baking, thrifting, reading, eating, laughing, pinning, freaky murder show watching, sharing my sarcastic thoughts (which 99.9%  are said at the wrong time), digging in people's trash for cool free stuff... (i'm pretty sure its legal)
but, we are getting off topic again. oops. 

  First and foremost, Jesus is my savior, yo. He rocks, big time.  I am a girl who could spend a whole day with my face stuck in a book. I like fridays and and doggie kisses and watching sappy movies snuggled on the couch during cold, rainy days. I dream of traveling the world while crossing off things on my bucket list.  But most importantly,  I dream of one day making a difference in this big ol' world!

so follow me and read my daily musings of my everyday life!

Oh, and if you're wondering....
I chose my blog name from the quote that I live by:

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, 
it became a butterfly."

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