Monday, November 4, 2013

October Update and November Goals

I'm back for another update on my monthly goals!

October Goals:
1. Yard Sales!!!
There's nothing better than a good yard sale! They were so-so this year, but I was able to find a couple grey things! (hello brand new with tags sports paraphernalia! Great xmas gifts!) They just make me so happy. 

2. Stop Procrastinating 
I've actually been very good about this! It's been virtually impossible for me to anyway with my school schedule this year. But it's a great feeling when you finished something before the night before it's due!

3. Switch my closet from summer to fall!
bring on the sweaters, boots and coats! Check!

4. Continue on the Couch to 5k
big fail! But hey, I did finish (walking) my first 5K

My 2013 Bucket List:

-Cut out processed foods-work in progress. Darn oreos!
-buy local produce/go to local farmer's market more-
-volunteer somewhere
-have my first giveaway on my blog-again, work in progress
-figure out my college plan
-save my money up for something big-I doubt if this is going to happen... ha!
-bake a blackberry cobbler from scratch
-eat better and be active
-make new friends 
-work on my scrapbook
-go on a road trip
-write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
-go camping
-read at least 8 books-  
-teach myself how to sew-yeah I don't see this happening. 

and now for....
November Goals:

1. Enjoy my birthday!

2. Focus on School
git 'er done.

3. Save up a bit for Black Friday
It's a family tradition to hit up the stores for black friday. I can't wait!

4. Start the Transfer Process for University
This is a huge stress for me right now. I just need to bite the bullet and finish it!

5. Work on Christmas Presents
early bird catches the worm!

I'll check back in at the end of November and tell ya how I did!

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