Friday, November 8, 2013

Moments of the Week: Dutch Oven Cooking and Birthday Week!

Well friends, we've completed another week. Virtual High-five **
Here's a recap of my week:

Last Saturday, I hit the jackpot! (happens a lot around here)
I hit up a few yard sales with my younger brother. This one we went to, the lady was an ex-wholesaler and had tons and tons of sports paraphernalia. My cousins all love a different team (Rays, Gators and USF Bulls Go Bulls! Shh Don't tell). Have you guys ever been into a team/sports store? All of that stuff is so over priced I've found. So when I saw all of the teams they loved (minus the Bulls, but that's ok), I had to snag it for christmas/birthdays. 
All of this stuff was brand new with tags and cost me a total of $12 
(I also got a few hot/cold reusable bags which you can kinda see at the bottom of the pic and a few other misc stuff)
I'm kinda sad that the yard saleing season is almost over, but even when it is, we still go because they're always seems to be a few. 

It's finally cooled off (a bit) here in Dallas. Right now, it's about 60*. I've officially broken out my scarves and boots. Yeah, I know some of you northerners are rolling your eyes at that but, I'd take 60* over 90+ any day. 

Obviously, this guy didn't like the change. I can't blame him though, that's exactly what I want to be doing right now!

Yesterday, at work, I got put in the elementary room. Now, my normal room is 3-4 year olds. I kinda struggle with elementary because I feel like because I am so short and young, the kids don't listen to me. Plus, my personal philosophy on kids is that the younger the better. Hence the reason why I want to teach 1st grade. 
All this to say, I was kinda out of my element at work. In walks this boy, 2nd grade I believe, and I kinda notice that he's sitting in the corner not really talking to anybody. I walk over to him as he pulls out this book: Dutch Oven Cooking. I kinda look at it puzzled and flip through the pages. It was a cookbook. I asked him "Whatcha reading there?" To which he replies 
"Oh just Dutch Oven Cooking. It's all about cooking over a campfire. Isn't that cool? Hey will you read it to me?" I stifle my smirk and say of course! 
So I open the book and he pointed to the table of contents, and says "Start here. Table of Contents. Do you know that that means everything that is in my book? Cool huh!"

So I begin reading the cookbook to him
"1 cup flour
1/2 sugar
3 tablespoons vanilla."

It was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. 
After all of that, I began thinking. 
This is where my heart is.
My heart is with children. 
I know it. This is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. 
I've never felt so sure of something in my entire existence. 

 5. Since I will be officially not be a teenager after next week, I thought It would be fun to share over the next seven days, the highlights of each year of my teens. I'll start with 13 and end with 19 (obviously).
I'll begin this saturday!

Happy Friday, Y'all!


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