Saturday, November 16, 2013



LEGAL! almost....

For my birthday, my mom threw a small surprise party for me! It was my first surprise party ever, and honestly was a blast. 

Then, my friend and I went to the midnight premier for one of those Twilight movies. It was fun getting to see all those crazies!
(also note: I am not a twilight fan. FYI)

For Christmas, my grandparents came out to visit. We cut down our first real tree and sipped on hot apple cider.

I started my blog! 
('re reading it)

My brother and I swapped faces:
I have to say, I make a quite pretty boy! 

I got bangs.

For spring break, I headed up to the mountains to hang with my cousins and grandparents!
We did crazy things like build a tree house, canoe and climb up waterfalls (not frozen this time).

We took family photos

 As summer drew near, we started packing.

I had one of the busiest summers of my life.

My grandma, brother and I drove 18 hours to Florida.

After we picked up my cousins, we drove to the mountains!

We did some pretty amazing things during the summer.
Things like white water rafting, tire swings, meeting Nicholas Sparks and jumping off scaffolding. 

For 4th of July, our big ol' family rented a boat and sailed down the Tennessee River.

My best friend also came up to the mountains for a visit. 

In August, my oldest brother got married!

I got together with my friends from high school.

We went to a Ranger's game!

My dog was pretty much famous, as she was on the news!

I even got to vote for the first time!

And on the day before my birthday, we moved into our new place.

That was 18!

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