Sunday, November 10, 2013


*picture heavy post! You've been warned*


14 was a big year. 

Some hard stuff happened:

My parents officially divorced.

I got diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I said goodbye to all my friends in Texas

My brothers, mom and I packed up and moved to Canada.

I thought my life was over.

I learned it wasn't.
(later I'd learn that Canada was the best thing that ever happened to me)

Some good stuff happened too:

I made new friends.

I learned an entirely new culture. 

I stood on frozen waterfalls.

and saw some of the most breathtaking sights right from my back door.

I found out that I should never play sports.

We got a new family member.

We vacationed in Florida!

I went on an impromptu trip to Disney World.

I experienced real snow for the first time.

We had our first White Christmas!

That was 14. 

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