Friday, November 1, 2013

Moments of the Week: Color Run and Rainy Days

Can you believe it's officially november? 
I know I can't. 
For my household, november is sort of the 'kick-off' to the holiday season.
Oh and 16 days till my birthday. But who's counting?

Here's a wrap-up of my week!

Last Saturday, my family went out to go do our first 5k! It was so much fun, but exhausting. I promise to do a full post on it soon.

Subsequently, this is how I spent my saturday night. It was a cold rainy night and as I tried to lay down in bed, I had the worst inner thigh pain. Luckily my sister-in-law is a trainer so she told me how to make it better. Two aleeve, puppy kisses and lots of ice later, it felt much better. Plus, it was a great excuse to watch Hocus Pocus, ie the one movie I can distinctly remember watching every year of my childhood.

I caught up with a good friend this week! It was so nice to hear from her and she had me cracking up and crying all at the same time. Above is a short excerpt of our conversation. We somehow got on the topic of pregnancy. In case you didn't know, pregnant people kinda give me the heeby-jeebies. And the thought that I, myself, would have to stare at my pregnant belly for 40 weeks just made my toes curl. Sorry, but true. Oh, and just to be clear, I KNOW it will be longer than 4-5 years before I can even begin to think about children (if I want to have any at all!). Trust me. ;)
Also, I think I've finally hit that point in my life where things start making me feel old! Like when my old friends start having kids on purpose. 

It's been such a rainy week! I am most certainly not complaining, I love the rain. Something about it is so relaxing. Except when you have 23 preschoolers who can't go outside to play. Then its nuts. 

I'll spare you the picture of this, but yesterday in my biology class, we dissected fetal pigs. It was horrifying. Now, I don't claim to be a squeamish person at all, but I just couldn't.
I've said it plenty of times before, Pigs are my thang. And seeing a very cute, but dead, baby pig that has a tongue and hair and cute little eyes lying in a ziplock bag of formaldehyde was not pleasant. I kept apologizing to my lab partners because I was pretty much useless and gagging while holding my nose in the corner. (I wasn't the only one, by the way) Good thing I get to look forward to next week; Brain dissection! Woo hoo!

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