Saturday, October 26, 2013

This doesn't Define you. 31 days of LOVE

I absolutely love this picture.
 In case you didn't know, this is a scantron (used for exams)
I know that as students, young and old, (myself included) get so much anxiety and stress about that little number under 'total'.
When I get my tests handed back, I instantly think worst case scenario:
"If I fail this test, I will fail this class and I will fail college and I will be a poor homeless girl on the side of the street because no one will hire me and I'll have no money and I will be lonely and depressed for my entire existence."
Pretty much sums it up.
But in all reality, that number does not define who I am. 
I am not that tiny red mark. I am not that grade.
That small increment in time where I was tested on my prior knowledge does not make up who I am, nor the amount of knowledge I hold, nor the depth of my soul. It does not make up my ambitions and dreams and it certainly doesn't define the content of my character.

It does not define me. 
It does not define me. 
It does not define me. 


  1. Good attitude, Amber! I love following your blog and being in touch with you this way. And...I love you very much11


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