Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Scrabble Art, Love You More; 31 Days of LOVE

 This past saturday, A few friends were having a pinterest party which basically means, we all get together and exchange crafts (white elephant style) that we found on pinterest. 
I had a hard time coming up with something to make, but when I saw this pin, I knew I wanted to replicate it. 

Thus, I give you my DIY Scrabble Word Art:

It was actually very simple, I promise.

I found an old frame with the glass broken out (you can just take it out if your frame has the glass)
I hot glued some scrap fabric onto the cardboard backing, making sure that I pulled it tight. 
Then I hot glued the scrabble pieces in the order I wanted onto the fabric. If you can't tell, it says
 "Love You More"
(I found the scrabble pieces at a yard sale a while ago, by the way)
Pop the back in, and violia! You've got a cute piece of art!

Oh, and If you're wondering, I made the flower up top using this tutorial with the same fabric and a sequin thing I had laying around. 

All in all, this took about 10 minutes and cost me nothing to make!
Super cute if you ask me :)


  1. I can't wait to put this up in our new house!

  2. Would you still have used hot glue if you had simply used scrapbook paper as the backing?


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