Thursday, October 3, 2013

TV Shows I Love: 31 Days of LOVE

As I'm sure you're aware, Fall is the time for T.V. All of the shows start back up again and loads of new ones are coming out. 
While I really wish I had more time to watch TV, there are a few shows that I make time for. 


As I mentioned here, Parenthood is my jam.
Over the summer, I got caught up on all the episodes I missed (netflix is the best thing ever). 
Gahh!! I just love it so much. Side note: RYBER, oh my goodness, I can't even.
If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out!

I certainly can't say that I've seen every episode, but I love this show, nonetheless. 


I was an original fan of Nev when I watched Catfish The Movie. I thought it was a genius film. So last year when they made a TV show, I fell in love. 
It's a brilliant concept, it will leave you guessing what will happen and they really master cliffhangers. 
I know a lot of people give it a bad rap, but I like it. So there. 

What TV shows do you religiously watch?


  1. I'm a Catfish fan too!! Love Nev & Max!!!

  2. I am a huge Parenthood fan and am so glad they came back this season! Enjoy.


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