Thursday, October 17, 2013

Current Wish List 31 Days of LOVE

Since my birthday is officially ONE month away,
I figured I'd share what's on my wishlist.
*side note. I literally cannot fathom that I have ONE MONTH left of being a teenager. I still feel perpetually stuck at the age of 17.*

Also, I'm not really expecting anyone to get me this stuff (no seriously) nor am I planning on buying all of these. I just always seem to have a ongoing list of a few things that I'd like if I ever find myself with some extra moolah (which is never that often). 
In all reality, I'm a broke college student. And this is all just pure window(online) shopping.
Anyone wanna give me their winning lottery ticket?
No takers?????

I like makeup. If that shocks you, I think you've got the wrong blog.
This just makes me giddy. 
I hardly ever buy high end products unless they are in value sets like this one. 
They're great because you get to sample a lot of different products at a cheaper price!
Although, what makes this specific set awesome is that the majority of the products aren't samples, they're full size! Wowzah.
I might save up buy this when Sephora has their 20% off sale as a bday gift to myself. I can do that, right?

I briefly mentioned these in my post from yesterday, and when I saw that they make wide calf ones, I was even more inclined.
Many of you suggested that the cost per use strategy would really make these worth it. 
I agree! Now just to find that lottery ticket!


and lastly, this shirt, which needs absolutely no explanation at all. 


  1. LOL! You have GREAT taste AC!!! I, too, feel stuck at 17... must be the gene pool! ha ha!


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