Friday, October 18, 2013

Moments of the Week: Baby Showers and Virtual Children 31 Days of LOVE

Well, we've made it again. It's friday!
Here's what I was up to this week:


Last saturday I went to the most awesome baby shower ever. It was perfect! Every little detail was just gorgeous. Their theme was pink and blue chevron (if you can't already tell) because they aren't finding out the sex. It was fabulous!
The cake was delicious by the way. Oh and they had a s'mores bar. Pretty legit. 
Can't wait to meet you Baby Kabani!

I feel like these posts just become a photo dump of all my dog pictures. But hey, it's my life and I just wubb her. 
She's kinda cute. 


You guys. My virtual child has boobs! I swear one day she was a little bitty computer baby, then BOOM, boobs. 
Just thinking about it I can't help but wonder...where did time go? 
I feel so old. 
Good thing I love her, too. 

My aunt sent me this picture the other day. It couldn't be more relevant to my life right now. I think they need to add 'friends AND family' though, Don't ya think? 
Life's too short to waste time on people who don't give you any. 
That's my new motto. 

This picture just makes me laugh. 
That is all. 

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