Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Things I'm Loving: 31 Days of LOVE

This weekend, y'all, was the best yet.
Dallas caught a cold front which made saturday's high 50 degrees.
It was heaven and truly felt like fall.
(while it lasts... we will be back in the 90*s this week!)
Either way, here's a few 'autumn' inspired things I've been loving:


Pumpkin Streusel Bread from Target
Oh my word. This stuff is goooood.
We made french toast using this and I swear to you it was the best i've ever had.
I can't wait to have it as toast this morning, too.
Run, don't walk and go get you some!

I've tried scentsy, yankee candle and every other brand out there, and I keep coming back to B&BW.
They not only have every single darn scent out there (every season, too!) 
you can actually smell them. 
You know how sometimes you light a candle, and you can barely smell it unless you get super close to it? 
These fill your entire room with the best smells ever, for real!
For fall, we've been loving Marshmallow Fireside (My fav), Pumpkin Pecan WafflesHarvest Coffee, and Leaves (also my fav).
Oh and they are almost always 2 for $22.
Can't beat that!

Honeycrisp apples. 
This puppies are HUGE! I can barely fit them in the palm of my hand.
And boy are they delicious. 
Both crisp and perfectly sweet. 

Did I mention that you should go get you some?

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