Friday, October 11, 2013

Moments of the Week: Alligators and New Babies! 31 days of LOVE

Better late than never, right?

Welp, that's embarassing. But, I had to share for the sake of having something to blog about.
Last weekend I babysat for a new family and it was actually so much fun!
They live in a huge house(mansion) and the little boy was a blast to play with.
We created our own zoo, filled with every stuffed animal he had, then the alligators (me) got loose and he had to rescue all the animals.
I have to say, I love my job! 

Speaking of babysitting, we are dog sitting this cute little guy this weekend because his mom and dad (close family friends) are at the hospital.
They had a new sweet little baby yesterday!
I couldn't be more excited for them. They have two boys (who I babysit, I've posted about them several times, you can read one here)
and just welcomed a new little girl named Willow. Isn't that such a cute name?
I can't wait to love on her!

This girl, yep me, got an 80 on my algebra test!
That's huge for me, because I normally am just happy if I pass. 
This one hung on the fridge. 

Here's where I admit that I need to get a life.
Last night, I put my poor dog in my shirt.
For fun.
Because I was bored.


  1. WTG on the 80%!!!! Hooray for you!!! Math is torture!!! LOL!

    1. thank you! I'm glad we agree! LOL


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