Saturday, October 19, 2013

People I LOVE: 31 Days of Love

I certainly couldn't end this 31 days series without mentioning the one who taught me to love:
My Papa.
He means the world to me and I can't imagine not having him active in my life. 
He taught me everything,
 from power tools, to life lessons.

He guided me to take risks, because without them, we wouldn't know what we are capable of.
He showed me that it's okay to make mistakes as he lead me in right direction.

He taught me to laugh, and to smile.  He told me enjoy the small things because life's too short.  
(He showed me what 'true mountain men' look like.)

He taught me to value family because they will always be there for you,
 through thick and thin.
He showed me that despite our differences, we can always lean on each other.

He gave me memories, fun ones and serious ones and stories that my friends would never believe.

He taught me to trust, patience, faith and to always forgive, no matter what.

 He taught me to value our beliefs, to go to church and to love others.
 He taught me to trust on God. Always. 

He taught me to value myself above all things. He showed me that I was special and worthy.
 He told me I was beautiful, inside and out.
He taught me that my heart was a gift;
 a gift to give someone who truly deserves it. 

He taught me how to love endlessly and unconditionally.
And even when that person drives you nuts, you love them more.
He gave me a real-life example of what true love looks like. 

When there were gaps in my life,
 both big and small,
 my Papa filled them in. 

I love you Papa.
Happy Birthday.


  1. This is beautiful. As I read this, I felt God's warmth and happiness while reading this! Thanks for sharing! Thank God for your Papa!!!

    1. Yes, I agree! I am so very blessed.

  2. Thank you Amber, I love you and you are my princess


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