Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Monday!

Well hello Monday! You came way to soon! I certainly had a very busy weekend, filled with lots of excitement and announcements!
Here is a big surprise that took place sunday!

Can you see it??? I know its a very bad picture (quality-wise)
but my oldest brother proposed to his girlfriend yesterday!
Hello Engagement!

Hello hearing her say 'YES!'
Hello Wedding (a long time from now, I hope)
Hello future sister-in-law!

Hello gorgeous ring! It was huge!
Hello smiles
and hello tears!

Hello feeling bittersweet! I love my brother, and I want so badly to tell him he is WAY to young (he is 20)
Hello biting my tongue because I just want him to be happy...

on a lighter note,
Hello silly hiding, waiting for the big moment to happen!
Hello family and friends who helped so generously.
Hello laughing over yummy pizza, sharing embarrassing stories about my brother1

Hello fun moments that are forever memories!

and now some hello's for the week...

Hello writing more essays (I feel like I type this every monday!)
Hello school and nannying
Hello thrifting and garage saleing
Hello cleaning and purging
Hello catching up on way to many shows
and hello week!
Bring it on!

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