Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Its Wednesday already??? Almost halfway there peeps! I cant wait for the weekend because I have a much needed hair appointment (tune in tomorrow, I REALLY! need your advice!!), and my family is going to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the temporary Impressionism exhibit straight from Paris! I am beyond excited!

Anyway, Here is what I wore this week!

Bad Hair day obviously!!! I tried to curl my hair but it turned out terrible! No matter how long I leave the iron in, or how much hair spray I use, I still get awful looking, half straight half not, hair. Gross. 
Any advice?
Cardigan- loft outlet
Polka dot shirt- Trip to Paris... sorry!
Jeans-thrifted (gap)
my go-to sandals- old navy
I actually bought another pair of sandals from F21 today. I went into the mall for a quick lunch, and that darn store sucked me in! I swear, I left with things I didnt need but couldnt put down. 
How do they do it???
Necklace- Lisa
earrings( kinda hard to see)-khols (vera wang)

It rained this whole day, so I have really bad quality pictures to!
Tunic dress- Goodwill (juicy couture)
Jeans- loft outlet


Rainboots- Thrifted (pier one!)

I felt super spring-y in this outfit! I hadn't worn this dress in a while, and to be honest, its just a little too small. This will definitely be the last time I wear it!
Poppy dress- American eagle (way old)
Cardigan-loft outlet
sandals- old navy

Here is a close up of the pattern. In the pictures above, it looks a lot different than it does up close :)

Necklace- Lisa (same from above)
Earrings-? maybe charming charlie?? 
sunnies- recent purchase from the blasted F21...they get me every. single. time.
Flower Pin- I actually wore this to my senior prom in my hair...I think I bought it from claires? Not too sure.
sorry, just had to share ONE prom picture... :) but see the flower pin???? 

okay, one last picture and I am done I promise!! 
I just HAD to share my most recent pleated poppy bag!
My mom surprised me with it! I love it so much! 
and the lady working at Loft begged me to tell her where to get one...she was shocked it was handmade!
Love it!

and there you have it! That was picture overload huh?
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Have a great week y'all!



  1. You look really cute! I like the way you mix color! Curling hair... I start by my scalp and work down instead of at the ends working up if that makes any sense! :)

    Have a great time at the exhibit. I LOVE impressionism. :)

  2. Very cute outfits! Love the Pairs shirt. A blog I like to read is She is a hair stylist and she shares videos on how she fixes and curls her own hair. Maybe that will help you out. I'm not very good at curling my own hair, either.
    ~Christy (


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