Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Everlasting Blue Streak

So, on my WIWW post, I mentioned my blue hair streak and how it was a REALLY long story that deserves it's own post, sooooo drum it is!

(it's really not that interesting so be prepared)


So here is where the story begins. My crazy youngest brother is a rebel. period. So every year he grows his hair super long and when school lets out, he gets a mohawk and dyes it crazy colors. 

This summer (July to be exact), on my family's annual vacation, My cousins wanted to be just like their cool cousin and dye their hair too

Here they are looking cute with crazy hair.

here is where our "Brilliant Idea comes in:

So, of course, My BFF and I get the idea "OMG we should so totally dye a section of our hair too!!!"
I mean seriously, the dye said it would only last 30 days so what is the harm in that???
So here we are dying our beautiful locks of love :)

and after

Mine turns out perfectly blue and my poor friend's doesn't show up at all..

 Fast forward 7!!!!!! count 'em! 7!!!! months later

Yeah, so much for "30 washes"!!!!!! Here I am 7 months later!!!! Still bright blue!!!!

(oh excuse the yucky picture of me on the left, no makeup Yuck!!!)

So not only are my two cousin's hair back to the originally shade, but also my brother AND my best friend. 
So lonely me is stuck with the god awful blue in my hair. It was cute at first but now it is just annoying.

Anyone have any tips to help me get it out???

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