Friday, April 13, 2012


Its Friday the 13th oooooh are you scared?? Im not superstitous at all, but I do enjoy hearing about others crazy (or normal) superstitions! 
Anyways,  This weekend brings me no specific plans but I cant wait. I love just relaxing and not having to worry about being somewhere. 
Linking up with Jeannett to share my weekly cell pictures!

This is the park right by my house. I love watching the sunset between the hills in the park. It is so beautiful and serene. (this picture doesnt do it justice!)

Let me bask in the beauty of this picture for a moment. This picture makes me grin ear to ear! My dog,(sydney, an Australian Shepherd (yes I realize how cheesy that name is but I didnt pick it )) is such a love bug. She was so dirty from playing in the mud, that I plopped her in the shower to clean her off. She just stood there like a statue, looking at me with those adorable puppy dog eyes! I love her so! 

She sure does clean up nice huh? Can you tell how much I love her???? 

As soon as I opened my easter basket, I put this beauty on, and haven't taken it off yet! (except for showers of course :D) This necklace means so much to me, and it makes me smile every time I look down at it!

This is Texas weather for ya! They predicted rain all week, and it didnt rain once! not a single drop!
I was so looking forward to wearing my wellies too,

This is the reality of the week in weather. 105 degrees. yup. in APRIL! 
way too hot for my taste!
Why am I boring you with talk about weather? I guess that was the only thing on my mind this week...sorry :(

This crazy weather had me dreaming of touching my feet into a soft sandy beach, and listening to the waves crash against the shore. I'd so rather be there, than here in 105 degrees terror! 
But, my mind is always on vacation, even though my body is not!

I cooled off by sipping on this ginormous 1/2 priced sonic strawberry limeade...or in other words, heaven in a cup. So yummy!

I think this was Friday's moon. It was so bright, I could see everything without my lamp on! It was crazy!
question: How does one take a "good" picture of the moon?? All mine sucked and according to my brother, I wasnt "doing it right" He told me this, but never showed me how to do it correctly! Oh, brothers! gotta love em right?

Spent my thursday looking like this. Covered in powdered sugar and cake batter. Can you tell how swollen my feet are??? I was baking a cake for my mom's co-worker, and it took all. day.long. no joke!
I was exhausted!

But I think it turned out okay. Not my best work, but I had a cake-tastrophe where the top layer fell and smashed the was awful. So, considering all that, it turned out, well, not bad...
just dont look too close at it :)

Ok, off to class! Hope your weekend will be just as fabulous as you are!!! 


  1. cute pics and that cake it to-die-for!

    1. Thanks Melodee! It took too long for me to enjoy :)

  2. That cake looks better than any cake I could whip up! Great job!

    1. Thanks Katy! It was difficult for sure!

  3. i love strawberry limeades and baking cakes! so fun! your cake looks great!!! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you have a great week!


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