Friday, April 6, 2012


Today I am Linking Up with Jeannett @ Life rearranged for a weekly show and tell of my amateur cell phone pictures!

What a great way to kick off the weekend right???

Found a SUPER great deal on jam at homegoods. Reg.Price was 2.99
get this... I found it on CLEARANCE for wait for it.....
What a deal! 
haha..LOTS of sarcasm here. But I did think this "typo" was funny!
I do hope it was a typo!

sigh, I gave in to my craving for pei wei lettuce wraps. and boy were they delicious! 
Followed by lots of Mandarin Green Tea and of course fortune cookies!
Yum...Im getting my craving again. uh oh.

Spent my tuesday afternoon huddled in my storm closet with my two doggies. I was beyond terrified (I was home alone when all this happened)! I live in Dallas and as you know, we had 14!!! yes! 14 tornadoes on tuesday! Luckily for us, no damage to our place, but the sirens did scare me to death! I couldn't believe my eyes watching semi trailers fly in the air!!

Here is a picture (please note that this not mine) of one of many tornadoes that hit dallas.

Homework on weekends=no fun...

While babysitting/nannying, I had the joy of cleaning this little dude up. Yup, he sure does like his "sketti" 

But we took care of it quick because I took him outside and hosed him off.. dont judge! he loves it! This guy is like half mermaid I swear!

This week I am rereading "The Lucky One" just in time for the movie. I am so excited! (once again, dont judge!) 
yes. I am a nicholas sparks fan. No I dont think its cheesy. yes. I actually enjoy them thank you very much. 

Just to show you how excited I am, I took a pic of me gazing into Zac's eyes. Yes, this really happened..ahem...
no really, its real!

Sat at the local park and watched the ducks swim by one day...It was so relaxing! but WAY too hot!

OK, here is what gets me. Seriously, you couldn't bother yourself enough to put a simple "T" after NO! 
You had the space and everything! Now, I'm no english major, but this rubs me the wrong way, Way more than it should

Had a fantastic family dinner out on the patio, and got to enjoy these darling lanterns. Aren't they cute??

World Market is my weakness. I seriously wanted every.single. one. of these scarves ( I also have a minor scarf addiction). This place always amazes me. Someday, when I move out of my mom's casa, I will have everything come from World Market (with unlimited amount of cash too!)

I REALLY wanted to walk away with these (also from world market)
but I refrained!
applause please! :P

and lastly, things that make me smile
1. Butterflies. 
My aunt tells me I attract them. She claims they follow me. So every time I see one flutter by me I smile. I love all things butterfly (hence my blog name)
I was smiling ear to ear when I captured this picture in my front yard.

and to leave you this weekend with my favorite quote ever (and what inspired my blog name):

Have a great easter weekend!


  1. That clearance sticker cracks me up! And my personal favorite is your picture with Zac Efron ;)

  2. The Lucky One is an awesome book!! But don't be disappointed when you don't love the movie.. I love The Notebook & A Walk To Remember. My 2 all time favorite movies. Never read the book. Read Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John & The Last Song. Not impressed with the movies at all!! Read the Last Song less than a week before I seen the movie and compared the 2 the entire time. My husband says I sat there going "that is not how it happened" or "why did they leave that scene out" thru the entire thing..

    The Dallas tornadoes scared me & I'm in GA. Called my sister several times to make sure everyone was safe.. Glad no damage come to your family from them.

    1. Hope your sister was ok becky! I cant wait to see the movie, I actually liked all the movie renditions so far, but I did have to realize that they would be different from the books. Books are always better. Except for the notebook, thats pretty great!

  3. The Lucky One was one of his best! Don't be ashamed to like his books...own it! :)

    Your zack efron pic is hilarious!

    Oh and I love World Market too!

    1. I seriously could live in world market! Love that place!
      Are you excited to see the movie too? I cant wait!!!


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