Friday, April 20, 2012


It's Friday! Whoop Whoop! My mom took the day off so we are having a "girls day," and I am so excited! I am also getting a haircut (leave me your opinions please!) which is always fun! (for me at least)

Not too many pictures this week, haven't got a clue why? Maybe just lacking inspiration? Who knows.
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One of my favorite things to do while studying is to watch tv on Hulu. Believe it or not, I can multi-task really well. Plus I hate silence. So, while studying for a government exam, I caught up on Glee.
my thoughts?'s slowly getting worse and worse.

When I start to head up stairs to go to bed, my dog runs up and jumps on my bed before I can even get to the first step. Then, when I finally make it up, she gives me this adorable face.
She is pretty awesome!

Tuesdays are typcially a night where we eat out due to crazy this time, we decided to try a new local restuarant. I chose chicken fried rice (because seriously, How can you screw that up?) and my mom ordered some brocoli and spicy beef thing. Cant say its our favorite (Pei Wei is 100X better) but it was good!

I decided to hit up the mall one afternoon because I had an errand to run. Little did I know that Forever 21 would force me to go in and buy things.... I mean I lost all will power.
But how can you pass up super cheap sunglasses for less than 5 bucks??

I'm working on a new project that involves lots and lots of scrapbook paper.
So fun!

and now, I am leaving you with this DISGUSTING meal I made. 
My name is Amber, and I cant cook to save my life.
There I said it. 
I cant even make pancakes without them being burnt to a crisp on the outside and liquidy yuckiness on the inside.
That takes skill.

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Have a great weekend, you know I will! 


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