Friday, April 27, 2012


Linking up with Jeannett over at Life rearranged to share my amateur cell phone pictures for the week!
It was a busy busy week for me... I felt like the to do list was non-stop. This means my pics are kinda lame this week, but whatevs. 
(I would totally never say that in "real" life by the way)

I was very emotional on saturday, so my mom brought home the best medicine around: sugar cookies from my favorite bakery!
By the way, I meant to take a picture before I ate them, but as you can see, I just couldn't wait. 

This was after I got my hair cut. Im so glad I took a picture of it after she styled it, because when I tried on my own, it turned out awful. I am really bad at hair. its so not my thing.
So right now, I am hating my hair. :(

Im pretty sure that after the 5th hour of my cramming-for-a-test-the-next-day session, my head was going to explode. I never have been a studier, but now that I am in college, it is a must. 
still kinda sucks though :(
(do you see my doodles on the left paper? yup, I am a MAJOR doodler.)

So, If you remember last week's insta-friday , I showed you all that scrapbook paper... well here is what I was doing with it. These are washer necklaces I am selling at a booth at the longest yard sale in august. What do you think?

I got to hang with this cute little guy for a bit on tuesday. He is so cute! 
I LOVE my job!

(sorry it's blurry)
I found this brobee? (spelling??) from yo gabba gabba (his favorite show) at goodwill
He was SOOO excited! It was so funny; he kept feeding him goldfish and snuggling with him on the couch. Needless to say, he loved it!

When we dont feel like cooking, we have a "family picnic" I cherish these! We go to the store and buy yummy snacks, then go back home and watch a movie and enjoy quality family time. 
This time we enjoyed grapes, a variety of cheese, french bread with brie and raspberry, spinach dip and bagel crisps

While searching the cheese isle looking for things for our picnic, we came across this. YUCK! yes that does say strawberry chardonnay cheddar cheese! Can you say NASTY?? It even had specks of real strawberry in it!

This is what I have been listening to all week. Frank came up in my pandora playlist and I was jamming to some sinatra, you know, dancing with my hairbrush!

and focus! My older brother was planning his honeymoon with the help of my mom and I.
He chose disneyworld. Should be interesting huh?

I about died when I saw this at target.  Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author (don't judge! not all his books were my fav) So when I saw all the books with the movies, I almost cried. 
I already have every book, so now I want to collect the movies (right now I have of course the notebook and a walk to remember. I have seen all of them though!)
I only have like 2 I haven't read yet. Im taking my time, you cant rush these things!
Right now, I am rereading the lucky one in honor of the movie... which I WILL be seeing this weekend!

and finally, a spur of the moment trip to marble slab. Ice cream cures everything right? 
vanilla bean with kitkat in a chocolate cone for me
cookies and cream for a friend
and hot fudge sundae for my mom!
sooooo yummy, but soooo bad for you!
who cares right?
I will tomorrow... :(

Happy weekend!

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  1. I love the necklace, loved Disneyworld, and agree (only after moving to CA) that yes, ice cream cures everything.


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