Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Linking up with Lindsey at the pleated poppy for another week of What I wore wednesday.

Well, Spring officially started and ended in exactly one week here in Dallas. Texas weather for ya!
So, this means high nineties and low eighties,
which for lack of a better word... suck!

Heres what I've got for ya this week!

I saw this top at F21 and couldn't put it down for some reason. Maybe its because it reminds me of those childhood days of tying my shirts in the front, who knows. but I loved the colors and it was SUPER cheap, so why not? right....
Top, sunnies, and sandals-F21
capris-levis from Goodwill

So this outfit originally started with a denim skirt with my tan boots, but as the day wore on, I kept taking more things off. I think I ended the day with the white tank underneath and the shorts. 
It is just so dang hot!
White shirt- Loft outlet
belt and shorts- goodwill
sandals- old navy
earrings- franchescas

YEP! I did it! I cut all my hair off! ok...not "all" of it,  but close enough!
It came out shorter than I thought originally, but I am loving the easy maintenance!
It will grow back! I hope :/
tee-new from TJMAXX
jeans- gap from goodwill
wow that was a long link!
shoes-just plain ol' black flats from macy's clearance

and finally...yesterday's outfit! Once again, way too hot for anything other than shorts. 
(I only wore the cardigan to my FREEZING classroom)  
shorts- american eagle VIA goodwill
cardi-old navy
sandals and sunnies- F21
necklace-found here

Have a fabulous end of the week! 
Here is my question for you:
How do you dress for super hot days? Does fashion go out the window? or is it still necessary?

Id love to hear your feedback!
If you're visiting, stop by and stay awhile! 


  1. I think your haircut turned out great! Your last outfit is my fave. I'm having the same dilemma trying to do "fashion" in the heat (I'm in Phoenix).


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