Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh man, this was a weekend for the record books!
{If you didn't know already, I am in Tampa visiting my cousins, aunt and uncle. }
It was non-stop, but relaxing at the same time. 
Today, I'm wrapping it up for ya with my grainy cell phone pics!

My cousin's elementary school was taking a field trip out to Busch Gardens (an amusement park) and I decided to tag along.
It was so much fun. I walked around with my youngest cousin who's 7 and didn't want to ride any of the 'big' rides. So instead, we rode the train and bumber cars. It was perfect and low key... just the way I like it!

Satuurday was a whirl wind. 
My aunt and I woke up early and went to wally world to find a swim suit.
Then we went yard saleing (you know I would on vacation!)
After about an hour, it was time to head to the ball field to watch my twin cousins play in the semi-finals!
It was such a close game and kept us all on our toes.
Even though the did great, they lost 10-8.
I was so proud of them! They made third place.

After the game, we ran home and packed the car to head out to Sarasota for the weekend.
We made it just in time for sunset!
It was breathtaking.
I also found out that while I was sitting watching the game, I had gotten the worst tan ever.
No really. It is terrible.

Oh my, It was bad!
Luckily, I was able to fix it by putting on 100spf the next day on the burns and 30spf everywhere else. It's not as bad now. 
Oh, and this is my beautiful aunt above.

aren't my cousins cute!

We woke up and had the best breakfast ever.
Then we went to the beach!
Our hotel was right on the water.
Speaking of, it was crystal clear and the most gorgeous blue color!
It felt like we were in Bora bora or something.

I couldn't get enough!

After a day at the beach, we packed up and headed back home.
On our way, we saw this huge statue:

It was really sweet.

That was our fun-filled, relaxing weekend!

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