Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My All Time Favorite Fragrances

I have to say, I'm really picky when it comes to perfume. I pretty much can't stand any men's cologne, and the majority of women's fragrances are way too strong for me. You see, scents are a major trigger for my migraines and perfumes generally just add to the problem. 
After many trials and errors (hello Britney spears "fantasy" anyone???)
I've found some scents that I can actually wear without getting headaches.
Funny thing is that all but one are from the same brand... I like what I like, what can I say?!?!?

Oh, and I should say that all of these perfumes were either free from rewards points at ulta, or given to me as gifts. I almost always have a perfume on my wish list since they all are kinda pricey. (right now this one is on my list... I bet you can guess why!)

Anywho, lets get started going from left to right:

This is my newest addition. I loooove it. It's verging on the strong side for me, but it's perfect for those days when I feel like I can handle it. It's a very fresh and energetic scent, if that makes sense. 

I kinda have an obsession with the "daisy" line. Partly because they are one of my favorite flowers, but also because they aren't too overpowering but I can still tell I am wearing a perfume. I would describe all the Daisy perfumes as classic and feminine. This one in particular is more fruity and lively. I love this one for summer!

This one is the lightest fragrance I own. It wears very sheer which I like a lot. I was actually talking with the Philosophy Sales Lady and she told me that all the Philosophy scents are made to be only smelt when you are up close.  This one certainly isn't overpowering, but it's a warmer fragrance. Dare I say Vanilla-y? I spray this one on my hair brush and brush it through my hair. It's just lovely. 

Can you tell I really like Marc Jacobs??
I guess his scents just work well with my PH. 
This one was my first 'big girl' fragrance purchase. In fact, my family calls it my signature scent. I kinda like knowing that whenever they smell it, they think of me ;)
This is a classic in my book. It's warm, but fruity and floral in a way. If you haven't smelt this before, you're missing out!

Oh, and doesn't Marc Jacobs make the cutest bottles?
I swear once they are used up, I'll never be able to throw them out.
I might just use them to decorate.
no, I'm not joking. 

I guess I should throw in my favorite body splashes for good measure.
I always keep a body splash either in my purse or my backpack just because I can't stand smelling bad. (I mean who would?)
Body splashes are my best friend. They add just enough, but not too much. I love that they don't linger all day because sometimes I find that makes me sorta sick. (am I the only one?)
These are my current favorites

This is such a yummy scent. I mean, the title explains it all. Very Vanilla and delicious. 
I love spraying this after a shower. 

Okay, I know I've been saying I love everything, but it's true. 
This one is 100% girl in my book. It's light, flirty and floral. 

Ahh, the smell of high school.
Whenever I smell this scent it brings me back to those awful high school days. 
hehe, just kidding :)
but in all seriousness, this is my all time favorite smell. 
Its Über fruity and delicious. I lurrrrv it. 
This is the one I carry in my purse, at all times. Hence, the travel sized version. 
I even found a scentsy wax that smells just like it for my room... I'm a little obsessed. 

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