Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'll Meet You at the Train Station, Baby...

When I saw this dress hanging on the rack at my local goodwill, I daydreamed about who had wore it last.

Maybe a mother baking a cherry pie in her kitchen for her lovely children just home from school...

Maybe a Businesswoman walking into her office, with her heels clicking against the tile floor, ...

Maybe a young woman waiting at a train station for her lover...

Maybe all of that is a big stretch.

But I love it, nevertheless. 

Dress: Goodwill
Hat, Shoes, Clutch: Yard sales 

I love the vintage feel,

the polka dots, 

the buttons. 

It makes me feel happy. 

and I like being happy. 


  1. love it! I also love to dream about somethings past life!

  2. An inspiring post! You are so very beautiful AC!!!

    1. Thank you Denise!! It must be genetic ;)

  3. What a cute dress, you look lovely! Beautiful vintage style.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. I love the backstory you created for the dress!


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