Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Epic Tale of Harriet the Hippo

I use the word 'epic' loosely. 

"Mom.... I need $40."

"why?" She asked hesitantly. 

"I found this hippo. I have to have it."

"Addison, what on earth?"

"Mom, you don't understand. It's the coolest Hippo you've ever seen!"

and we didn't really understand until a 50lbs hippo was sitting on our front porch.

Yep. A concrete hippo.

 Long story short, my brother, who works at Homegoods, saw this hippo at work and wanted it.

For whatever reason, the boy wanted a hippo.

He purchased it with his discount and excitedly ran home so she could find her new home.

He was so happy to be able to help decorate the patio.

Of course, the natural thing to do is give her a name.

I call her Harriet.

Harriet greets all of our guests.

She's always smiling, always watching

and she is always bringing a smile to anyone who passes by.

Harriet the Hippo.


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