Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIWW-31 days of Pinterest Finale!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I am so excited because halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I just love watching all the kiddos in their cute costumes. 
But I am also sad.
Today is the last day of the month, 
which means my 31 days of Pinterest is over!
But, I am ending it with another one of my favorite things:

Here is my inspiration photo from pinterest:

                                                                        Source: via Amber on Pinterest

and here is my take:

shirt-loft via yard sale for $1
shoes- macy's

Scarf-yard sale $1
earrings- target clearance

This was seriously so comfy
sweater-khols $5
jeans-goodwill (loft)
flats-old navy

and lastly, some halloween fun!
I wore this to our halloween party, and it was a hit!

I was a flapper if you can't tell ;)
I got the dress at a yard sale for $8
It's Banana Republic and sooo pretty in person! It has amazing beading.
tights are brand new from Goodwill
shoes-yes, you guessed it, goodwill

and the feather clip came from party city for around $3
My accessories, which you can't really see, all came from yard sales.

Happy Halloween guys! and Stay safe!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my series!

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