Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dumpster Dive Score: Ceramic Elephant!

Ok, someone please jog my memory.
Does anyone remember an old old show on HGTV I believe, that was hosted by a short, red-headed lady (I believe her name was Joan, but could be wrong)?
The basic premise of the show was this lady refashioning all sorts of things, and she had one segment every episode of things she found in people's trash. 

My grandmother, mother, and I used to love it! She always found the coolest things, and re-did them in ways I never would've thought.

What if I told you that
I am a dumpster diver.
like go late at night,
and drive around neighborhoods on trash night,
Spot out the good stuff,
and haul it home
for free.

yep. I am one of those people.

But, let me tell you,
Last night, we stumbled upon our coolest find yet:

yes, this is a giant ceramic elephant.
and by giant I mean at least 4 feet long!
and yes, someone was throwing it in the trash!

Oh, and yes, I did name him
it's Mr. Peanuts.

some of you may be thinking

"That is the ugliest thing ever"
"What the heck are you going to do with that?"

and hurt Mr. Peanut's feelings (he was left in the trash after all!!)

but what you are missing is the miles of potential this cute little guy has. 
After snatching him up faster than a speeding bullet,
we went over to our handy dandy friend:

and searched for millions of ways to fix him up.

So, I thought I'd share a few with y'all today!

 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

  How about an awesome side table?
   All we would have to do is attach a flat surface, and spray-paint him all the same color.

                                        Source: via Walter on Pinterest

Or what about a cute side table lamp? They sell DIY lamp kits at Lowe's for super cheap, and all it would take is a little elbow grease, 
and Violia! you've got an eclectic new lamp!

                                                                     Source: via Kellie on Pinterest

What about spray-painting him a bright, fun color? This would be so cool displayed on a bookcase or in a kids room!

and finally:

                                                                     Source: via Ivy on Pinterest

how cute would Mr. Peanuts look in the garden as a planter?
We could gently make a hole in his back, drill another small hole for drainage, and he would be happy as a body builder directing traffic.
(Can you tell I'm from Texas?)

So, needless to say,
Mr. Peanuts has some pretty awesome potential.
Now,  it's just deciding which choice to go with!
What do you guys think?
I'll be sure to update you on Mr. Peanuts as soon as we choose!

oh and if you remember that TV show, please put me out of my misery and tell me.
It would be greatly appreciated!

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