Monday, October 29, 2012

A Fabulous Halloween Pinterest Party

So I know for the past month, I've been sharing little snapshots of our house decorated for Halloween!
Every month, my mom throws a pinterest party with a different theme each time.
This month was, of course, Halloween!
Everyone was to come dressed up
and to bring a pinterest-inspired food/drink.
It was a fabulous evening!

Before the party, my family took a group photo!
It's a little blurry, 
but I love it.

Here is our dining room all decked out!
There were so many yummy foods!

Here is my sister-in-law showing off the amazing set up.
I love our little yard-sale owls hanging from the chandelier.

These windows are opposite of the big hutch in our dining room!
I love the owls in the window, too!

Of course our mantel had to be festive.
We went all out!

another view in the living room!
Quoting some Poe 

 And I'm sure you've seen This shot already!

A wreath above the couch

 The "kids" area!
Complete with pin the nose on the pumpkin and coloring!

A shot of the kitchen area.
If you look on the bottom right, you'll see are votes for the best costume!

The Front door!
Right is the dining room and left is the "library"

Here is the bookcase in the library.
I love the gothic feel!

and that is the basic house tour!
now, onto the actual party:

First I will show you the costumes

I was a flapper, but more on that for WIWW

my mom was 50 shades of grey

and my youngest brother was cousin eddie from Christmas vacation (BEST movie ever!)

My sister-in-law was a sailor

and my older brother was a morph santa. This was hilarious!

my beautiful mother

 Our wonderful guests!

deep in conversations!
Jess (beautiful lady on the left) was "Identity Theft" 
she basically had "Hello my name is ____" stickers all over her.
It was so clever!
She won the contest, by the way!

cute little alex! 
He won the Pin the nose contest!
(He forgot to get a costume)

and crazy Ian, a family friend was an old man.
He had a cane and everything!!

All in all, It was a wonderful party!
I'm so excited for our next one:
5th Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange.
It is going to be great!

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I can't believe 31 days is almost over!

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