Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Canton Finds!

As promised, I thought I'd share today what we found on our day trip to Canton
and upon taking these pictures, I had a realization. 
80% of what we bought was jewelry. I'm not sure if thats a good thing, or bad thing. 
ok, I'm going with good. 
You see, Canton is like pinterest. It gives you so many good ideas (regarding decor, etc.) that I know I can replicate on my own, without overpaying for it.
Soooo, Jewelry was the only thing we really wanted to buy, plus its so cheap, how could you not?

This was the first item we purchased. My mom stopped by this antique booth and fell in love with the jewel tones. I have to agree, I could totally pair these with a blue top and my brown boots.
I think these were around $7.

We bought this brooch from the same lady. It is definitely an antique, but will look so cute with a scarf or on a cardigan. 
This was $7.

Next, we stopped by a jewelry booth which was super cheap, but high quality. 
We always check quality. Jewelry breaks so easily, and the worst thing is when you spend good money on something that lasts one wear. As cheap as something may be, quality matters more. 
Anyway, We liked these because they have just the right amount of sparkle, and will look great in the winter!
These were $3(!!!) and good quality

These are from the same lady. I cant wait to pair these with a cute fall outfit, because they are such a beautiful amber color! So perfect for fall!
These were $6

Oh, how I loved these. Actually, I loved the entire booth. It was full of shabby chic jewelry and at reasonable prices. 
These were only $5 and were handmade! Cant beat that!

Once again, these are from the same booth as above. I loved the blue pearls! I had never seen anything like these before, and knew I had to have them. 
$5 again.

This necklace is so much prettier in person! My mom loves pearls, and she loved the flower attached to it. and you guessed it, it was a great price, so we couldn't pass it up. 

This is the last jewelry piece we bought. It is so beautiful and antique looking. I cant wait to layer this with scarves and other necklaces.  

The picture doesn't do this scarf justice. It is a gorgeous subtle light green mixed with an olive green.
I have an addiction to scarves so I couldn't let this one go.

Ok, so this is the booth I went to that was simply AH-mazing. I seriously could've spent hours there. They had bins full of little tags like this one. I was digging through, just looking, when I saw the butterflies and books, obviously right up my alley. Then I read the quote and almost fell over. For real, it is one of my favorites. You can even see my Pin on Pinterest (obviously they have the citation wrong) So for $2, it was mine. 

Source: homegoods.com via Amber on Pinterest

I'm thinking of framing it similar to this.
Oh, by the way, here is the full Quote.

Then we found this antique military box for $5. There are so many things that can be done with it, but we decided to use it to replicate this for fall!

and finally....

This amazing old window which was tranformed into a chalk board. We plan on making the other side magnetic to hold pictures. As you can see, I've already decorated it for halloween! ( a sneak peak of my upcoming house tour decorated for Halloween!)
I got the idea from none other than Pinterest! 

We only paid $10 for the window (already chalkboard-ed!)
I believe that it was our best find!

Thats all folks!

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