Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween House Tour Part 2!

Wow! I can't believe it's Monday! I feel like the weekend just flew by. It was a busy, but relaxing weekend for me, and I am so sad it's over. 
I am very excited to share the next part of my house's halloween decor!
Today, we are going to see our entertainment center. It is opposite our fireplace, and contains mainly our TV. 

Here is an overview of the entertainment center!
Most of the decorations were found from around the house, or from the dollar store. Which means, we spent less than $5 for the entire space!
That is crazy

Let's start with the center shelf!
I got my ideas for the center shelf from this pin:

                                                Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I loved the idea of making a witches apothecary, and I had the perfect bottles to do the job!

We had the bottles leftover from my brother's rehearsal dinner, and using this same method, I spray-painted them black to make them fit in with Halloween. Then we just printed out the labels using the Printable from this site. I didn't use sitckers, like the site suggests, but I still love how they turned out! 
Then, We added the creepy victorian-style pictures from the Dollar store. They change faces depending on which angle you look at.
Then, using the inspiration from the pin, 
we added some vintage lace (from the Rehearsal dinner) , and gothic, black roses from the dollar store.

Here is a second shot from a different angle. 
You cant really see in this picture, but we hung black spray-painted (supposed to be christmas) angels/cherubs to make it extra creepy.

Next is the left-side shelves:

Like I said, everything here is originally for another purpose, but we re-did them to fit with halloween!
The candle sticks were from the rehearsal dinner (spray-painted black). 

The mask was from an old costume, and the goblets are from this post.

and now, the right side!

For some continuity, I added the matching candlesticks up top, and wrapped some spider web around both. 

Then, using this same Printable from this site, and painting more vases and knicknacks, I added more "poison" bottles to the second shelf. 

Since our entertainment center is all black, I needed something to make the decorations pop. I found some old sheet music and taped it to the back. It did just the trick! I used this idea on every shelf to create unity. 
On the last shelf, I added this peacock feather wreath from goodwill, and added a skull with some baker's twine. Then I added the bat found at a garage sale for $1. 

and that's it! Here is the overall view again:

I'm so happy with how it turned out! 
and for less than $5, I think it looks amazing.
Let me know what you think! I'd love some feedback!

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