Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 days of Pinterest: Day 27--Room Inspiration

We are moving (Finally!!!) into a new house next month and I am so excited to already start planning and coming up with new ideas for my room.
Of course, I turned to pinterest for some inspiration!

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
I love this room! The colors are simply amazing together.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
I think I may spray paint my bed this color!

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
This space is so me! I'd have to add more girliness, though.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
Such an amazing bathroom!
It reminds me of something you'd find in Paris!

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

How awesome is this closet! I love the idea of painting the door a pop of color!

and that's it for now,
I have more, but way to much to share :)

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