Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Huge Goodwill Hunting!

Last week, my mom and I hit up our local goodwill and came home with some major scores!
We found a lot of jewelry and a couple clothes items, and other random things. 
Overall, I think It was a huge success!

Our first find were these earrings. They are so much more gorgeous in person. Light reflects off them giving them a mix of plum/greens/blues. They are so beautiful, and will go great for casual or dressy outfits. 

Next, was this butterfly necklace! Of course, you know why I love this. However, I hate the chain it's on. Its similar to a piece of leather or hemp.
So, my mom and I plan on cutting the hook to attach it to the chain off, and glue a brooch pin on the back. It will be perfect to pin on a scarf or handbag. 

Then, we found this lavender gemstone necklace. It hangs higher up on the neck, and doesn't have much leeway on length adjustment, but I think it is a great layering piece. 

I LOVED this necklace. It has the perfect mix of edge with class. I think it is amazing. My mom hated it, by the way.
What do you think?

Ok, so when I said jewelry, I should've said a pair of earrings, with a lot of necklaces. 
but hey, the only jewelry we really wear are necklaces. So 2 bucks for pieces we love. You cant beat that!
This necklace was more expensive, but still reasonable. It is higher quality than the others, so I'm thinking its from Fossil or Lucky brand. 
It is so beautiful, though.
I love how it's eclectic and very detailed. 
Plus, I love the butterfly!

This was probably the best item we found. It is a genuine leather Fossil, high waisted belt.
for drumroll please.....

can you believe that?
It is amazing!
I even wore it in this past WIWW!

This adorable clutch was just begging for us to take her home.
It is vintage, but in great condition.
I love the detail!

So cute right?
A brand new fossil bag for $5.00
I looked online, and they retail for $27!
What a steal!
I'm using it as a pencil case.

Then, I found this blouse that I couldn't pass up. I love the houndstooth and roses.
I cant wait to wear this!
from Ruche

Please note, this picture doesn't do this dress justice. 
It is GORGEOUS! First, its marc jacobs.
Second, polka dots. 
Third, ruffles.
my mom washed it in the machine.
and it's dry clean only. 
But it's perfect now that we cleaned it properly :)
it was $9.99, but for a designer brand, it was a great deal.

This is the flip side:

and finally, 
This super awesome plaque.  I literally, laughed out loud, and for $.99, it was mine
When I found it and it instantly reminded me of this pin:

Which is totally true ;)

Hope you guys have a good saturday! I am filling my day yard saleing! I cant wait to share all my awesome finds with you!
and also enjoying the high of 60 degrees! 
(yes, I live in texas and yes that is wonderful weather for us)
Talk to y'all tomorrow!

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