Saturday, October 20, 2012

An Eventful Saturday!

Sorry for late posting, but I've had a crazy, saturday!
The day started off with a 7am wake up call and a quick cup of coffee before heading out the door.
We met up with some friends for an annual yard sale in a ritzy side of town (which means there are some super awesome finds and deals!)

Here is a pic of our friends daughter who found the cutest puppy book for a quarter!
Wondering what we found?
well, it was an amazing haul.
I'll share some pics tomorrow ;)

Then, after 4(!!!) hours of yard saleing, we went home for a few minutes to get ready for our next adventure.
A family friend (the same one who went with us) is due with her third girl!
We went over to her shower to celebrate!

Isn't she glowing!

Her fabulous sister (who's also our friend) threw the most beautiful shower.
I wish I took more pictures, but I did grab this one:

It's a pompom decoration made from cupcake liners!
Isn't that adorable?

She got the idea from pinterest here:

                                                                    Source: via MS on Pinterest

so cute right?

She also set up a photo booth! It was so fun!
(She also got the idea from pinterest)
                                                            Source: via Timalee Sue on Pinterest

This is my aunt, myself and my mom!

Here is a shot of the mommy to be (for the third time), her sister and her mom 
(going right to left)
The fabulous host is in the middle!

I also stole some shots from my mom.
I love this one!

My aunt and my mom
Aren't they beautiful?

and my wonderful aunt and I.
She always makes me laugh!

Then after the party, we headed to our favorite place:
I'll post some pics of things we found
there were some awesome finds!

and now, we are concluding our day with resting peacefully on the couch.
My feet hurt!

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