Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge, Week 5- Last one!

I can't believe the end is here! I know I am late on posting my last week of pictures...I blame it on travel. Nevertheless, here are my final pictures of the challenge:

Day 24, Animal:
This is Sophie (my cousins/aunt's pup) and she is just the sweetest, most loving dog on this planet. Can you believe she was born in 2001?

Day 25, Something pink:
This one was actually challenging. I don't really prefer the color pink, so I don't have a ton of it. 
But I did have this hot pink bag that I kept because I adore the polka dots!

Day 26, Close up:

This is my youngest cousin, Will. Ain't he adorable!?! He's so witty and fun loving... he's my little buddy. I love him so!  
*also note Spongebob's impeccable photobomb!*

Day 27, From a distance:

While visiting PA, we decided to drive out to the United Flight 93 Memorial. It was so moving and heart-breaking. This shot was taken looking directly at the crater where the plane hit (a little to the right of that big rock) in the direction it was flying.
They truly were American heroes!

Day 28, Flowers:
Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorite flowers!

Day 29, Black and white:
Before I left, we snapped a few shots of my family members I haven't seen in forever. 
Going clockwise
Top left: My grandmother, 
My grandfather
Bottom left: My cousin Hayden and my Uncle Tom, 
My cousin T.J. and I

Day 30, Self portrait:
 This was taken after I got some chocolate. All is good in the world!

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Next, I am going to add all of them together to create my photo journal. Stay tuned!

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