Monday, April 21, 2014

Writers Block

So here's the deal. I've stared at that blinking cursor for the past hour trying my hardest to come up with something to blog about. You know what I've come up with?

Absolutely nothing.

I apologize for that, but rather than just type 'fluff' I'm trying to be more proactive about the choices I make as far as posting. I want this blog to be a sort of journal for me, but on other aspects, I love sharing about what I wear, makeup and etc with you readers! Because, you know what? That's a part of me, too.

Many people have asked me what my blog is and to be honest, currently I have no answer.  To sorta put it into words, it's become a collage of my life. I'm not just a fashion blogger, a beauty blogger, a lifestyle blogger (I think we can all safely say I will never be a food blogger! hehe). I am all of those things and then some.

You're probably thinking..."Where are you going with this, Amber?" and here's what:
 I'm sure you may have noticed by now that I've added some new tabs up top ^. These little pages are a new way I am organizing my posts. Most should fit into one of those categories, but as always, there's always a little bit of miscellaneous in my life, so that's where the 'etc.' comes in.

Over the next few days, I am going to update all my previous posts, so that when you click on one of those categories, you'll find everything I've ever had to say about that on here! It's pretty time-consuming to go back through almost 400 posts, so bare with me. It might be a little bit before I have them all complete.

I'm kinda excited about all of this! Even though it's a small change, it makes me feel more organized and I hope it makes my blog easier to read for you guys too!

As always, I am always looking to evolve to be better at what I do (in all areas of my life), so that's where you guys come in.... Please email me or comment on this post if you have any suggestions or general thoughts or ideas to share with me. Each and everyone of you who read my little corner on the ol' interwebs make me happy, and I, of course, want to make you happy too! Let me know (kindly, please?) what you all think/feel/alloftheabove or just feel free to leave me a smiley face...or nothing at all. That's cool too ;)

Love you guys, thanks for reading! :) Oh and I have something REALLY exciting going on this wednesday!You don't wanna miss it. (Ok, ok, I don't want you to miss it!)

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  1. Wow! I think this is an excellent idea!!! Glad you are being innovative with this blog!!! Inspiring!


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