Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have a guilty obsession, and it's something I need to tell you about. I've been lying to you. 

I know I started the whole WIWW thing to get out of my former uniform: t-shirts and jeans... but lately, all I wanna do is wear t-shirts.  

I mean have you seen them recently? They've really stepped their game up.
The other day I bought this one:
 I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and ever since I got it in the mail, I haven't wanted to take it off. Legit. If you don't understand it, we pretty much can't be friends.
How freaking awesome is it to support one of your favorite books of all time ON YOUR BODY!?!?!! I can't even. Cant. Even. 

Speaking of favorite books...

I LOVE THIS! Again, one of many favorite books out there, but how adorable is this?!?!
Not to mention that it says Le Petit Prince not The little Prince...
it's the small things, guys. 

I don't even know how else to describe how excited this makes me. The fact that T-shirts with novels on them even EXSIST IN THE FIRST PLACE makes me want to scream (good screams) and then to have my favorites ones on shirts makes it 100X better. For real. 

This is another one of those that if you don't understand we can't be friends. ever. 
I reeeeeally want this one, in fact, I think I might have to have it. HAVE to. 

yeah, this one has my name allllllll over it. 
My wallet is looking pretty scared right now. ha!
(I should probably stop saying this but.... if you don't get this we can't be...
OK, OK I'll let this one slide)

Then, there are some pretty darn hilarious ones out there, too!
For example:

If there was a shirt out there to describe my sense of humor, it'd be this one. 

no wait, maybe this one!!?!!?!
I literally snort every time I see this one. 

Now, don't even get me started on band tees. The Killers have some pretty awesome ones out there... but I shall refrain from sharing them with you. 

What do you think... Are tees no longer frumpy?  Have they transformed into a way of self-expression?

I think so!

(insert image of that internet meme here)

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