Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What WE Wore Wednesday

Hey y'all! I'm back sharing with you a few of the outfits I wore this week. 
Here's what I wore to the awards ceremony friday:
Dress is from Kohls last year
wedges- also goodwill

Earrings are from target! 

Saturday, my friend (visiting from Idaho) and I rode the train into downtown Dallas. It was so much fun! Living in the suburbs definitely has it's fair share of setbacks...I love the city. Everything is so lively and all of the hustle and bustle just makes me want to move downtown.
 We had planned on going to dinner and then going up into the Reunion Tower, but we ended up laughing and chatting too long at the restaurant, it closed! So we ended up just sitting in front of the JFK memorial, people watching and giggling while munching on tiramisu. It was a fantastic night. 
All that's to say, here's what we wore:
Isn't she just drop dead gorgeous!?!?! The long blonde hair, her model-esque figure and beautiful, jaw-dropping smile; she's quite the trifecta! Not only that, but she's beautiful on the inside and out.  It kinda hurt standing next to her all night...hehehe, I kid, I kid. 

Anyway, we wanted to dress up a bit but still look sorta casual. 
My outfit:
Top is Coldwater Creek from the outlet store
Wedges-once again, goodwill 
My little pins in my hair were a gift from another friend...thanks Ev!
and the necklace is from franchescas 

Alli's outfit:
her dress is from Marshalls. It has the most gorgeous black and gold lace back...I wish I had a pic!
Sandals are target I believe. 
I just wanna steal all the hair off her head, it's so dang pretty!

and just because...
 If I had one picture to describe our friendship, it'd be this:
Yeah. We've been friends for over 5 years and yes I am posting this for the entire internet world to see...hahaha!
Love you Alli!

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  1. I love that white top and LOVE those jeans! How do you find such great stuff at goodwill! I wish I could!


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