Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIWW: 1 Graphic Tee- 4 Ways!

While shopping at an outlet mall with my grandma and dad, we stumbled across the 'perfect' tee shirt for myself.
 I loooove bikes and often daydream about riding my bike down the river Seine with flowers in my basket. My grandma, aunt and I even have a board dedicated to bikes on Pinterest! 
So when I saw this shirt, we all knew I needed to have it. As we finished the rest of our shopping trip, I kept imagining all the different outfit combinations I could create with it (please tell me I'm not the only one who does that!)
Thus, this post was born. Here's how I wore the same graphic tee (which is just perfect for spring!) 4 different ways!

1. Maxi skirt and statement necklace:
The first way I wore it was with this maxi skirt. This was the most comfy outfits ever....maxi skirts are basically fancy-fied sweat pants. No joke!
Pink cardigan-Jcrew via Goodwill
Tee-Loft Outlet
Maxi skirt- LC for Kohls, yard sale find
Necklace-Everyday Icing stolen from my mom (thanks mom!)
Wedges which you can't really see- Goodwill

2. Jean jacket and sandals
I can't believe it's already time to break out my sandals...which only means one thing: I need to get a pedicure! I have to say this outfit was the one I felt the most 'me' in. My jean jacket is a staple in my closet and I loved how it looked with the tee!
Jacket-Old Navy via Goodwill
Pants-Loft clearance (a $6.88 score!)
Earrings-no clue...maybe target?

3. Moto jacket and Converse
I wore this outfit when I was in Ohio and needed a heavier jacket. I love pairing edgy items with more feminine pieces! My aunt called this look "My hipster outfit".  :)
By the way, she did my hair in this picture...isn't it awesome! I wish she was closer to do my hair everyday, hehehe!
Jacket- Kohls
Black jeans-Loft
Earrings(my fav ever!)- Target

4. Flowy skirt and bright cardigan:
I think this is my favorite look of them all! This one felt very Parisian chic to me, what do you think?
Cardigan-Old Navy
Necklace-Forever 21

and believe it or not, I still have other ideas with this tee rolling in the back of my head! But I suppose I will stop with 4 for now. 

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  1. I love bikes too, and that is such a cute t-shirt! I like all the ways you styled it, but I agree, the last is my favorite too. So pretty!


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